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Simple Ways How to Put Eyeliner on Eyelids for Beginners

Eyeliner on Eyelids for Beginners

Simple Ways How to Put Eyeliner on Eyelids for Beginners
How to Put Eyeliner on Eyelids for Beginners

The birth of Eyeliner was once considered a revolution in the beauty industry because it has responded to the desire to have big, dark eyes of women. However, for those who make up first, applying eyeliner on eyelids is a big challenge. You cannot control your hands, making the lines unnatural and have to draw them over and over again.

Let me show you types of eyeliners as well as how to put eyeliner on eyelids for beginners to have the impressive and attractive eyes.

How Many Types of Eyeliners are There?

The world of makeup products has never stopped producing types of eyeliners that have been improved in styles, colors, and materials.

Pencil Eyeliner

Like the name, this kind of eyeliner is shaped like a pencil with a pointed end which is used to draw lines on the eyelids.


  • It is easy to hold, giving a sense of mind when applying.
  • It is the easiest to use, so very suitable for beginners.


  • The color is fairly light and easy to drift and smudge.
  • The leadhead is quickly worn out so it should be regularly cut to form beautiful and accurate lines.
  • With this type of eyeliner, you should apply a matte base coat before drawing lines to keep the lead color more durable. The trick to using pencil eyeliner effectively is that pull down the eyelid down a little so that you will manipulate more easily.

Note, do not sharpen the lead-head too sharp. It will hurt and damage the eye area during use.

Liquid Eyeliner

It is the most common type of eyeliner but the most difficult to use. It usually comes in the form of a marker pen with a long and pointed pen or a broomstick with a small sponge for dipping into an eyeliner bottle and then drawing on the eyelids.


  • It has beautiful color and is long to drift.
  • It allows you draw thin lines in small angles.


  • It takes much time to correct if applying wrong.
  • It is difficult to adjust the thinness and thickness.

You should only use the liquid eyeliner when being capable of controlling the pen or brush flexibly.
Besides, you cannot use this eyeliner to the lower eyelid, so you have to use another type of the waterproof eyeliner.

Gel Eyeliner

This type of eyeliner is becoming more and more popular, produced more by makeup firms. It is usually in a small jar with a lid. How eyeliner is after applying depends on the type of the brush accompanied by the pot.


  • It is easy to adjust the level of darkness and light.
  • The color is beautiful, natural and sticks for long.


  • It is difficult to remove, and the gel is susceptible to dry after a while.
  • The important thing when using gel eyeliner is that you have to choose a good, thin and soft brush not to scratch the eyelid skin.

This eyeliner is ideal for those who like cat-eye makeup because it can be used to customize the length of the eye’s angles and the level of thickness of the lines by adding layers.

With the help of simple tools below you can wear eyeliner quickly and get an impressive pair of eyes.

Using Adhesive Tape

  • Cut a piece of the adhesive tape with the length of 5 cm and stick it on your hands and then remove it to reduce the stickiness, avoiding damaging your fragile eye skin.
  • Stick it in the diagonal direction from the bottom of the eyelid to the bottom of the eyebrow. Avoid sticking your eyelashes.
  • Begin drawing from the middle of the lower eyelashes in short strokes and do not pick up the pen as it may be prone to smudge.
  • Use the edge of the adhesive tape as a ruler to draw the tail, ensuring that it is thinner outward.
  • Remove the adhesive gently, and now you get a marked corner of the eye.
  • Finish the eyeliner by returning to the middle of the upper eyelid and draw a thinner line toward the corner of your eye.

Using a Spoon

  • Use the handle of a spoon as a ruler to outline a light tail.
  • Place the halfway edge of the bowl in the middle of your eyelid and draw a line connected with the end point of the tail.
  • After finishing all lines, use the pen to fill in to have a perfect winged eyeliner.

Note that similar to the use of a spoon, you can use any sheet of name card or cardboard to support the drawing of the eyeliner.

Using a Cotton Swab

Sometimes your eyeliner strokes are smudged because you are not used to applying eyeliner. So, the use of a cotton swab is a simple way to help you fix it. You can use it to remove smudged parts on your eyelids and put your eyeliners again as your wish.

With this way on how to put eyeliner on eyelids, you should apply applicator after drawing your waterlines.

Tightlining Your Eyes

With a pencil eyeliner, draw strokes on the outer corner of waterlines of the upper and lower of your eyelids to make your eyes bigger and more beautiful.

You should use waterproof eyeliners to avoid hurting and irritating your eyeballs.

Applying Eyeliner to Each Eye Shape

For Monolid Eyes: Draw strokes thick enough to see waterline when opening eyes

  • Use a pencil or liquid eyeliner to line on the upper eyelid, moving the pen back and forth until the stroke has desired thickness.
  • Fill the space between eyelashes by stippling and dotting with the same eyeliner of eyeshadow.
  • Draw a stroke on the lower eyelid starting from the angle of your eye to the middle of the lower eyelid.

Note that applying eyeliner thicker at the back of your eyes will give your eyes a deeper and more dramatic look.

For Double-Lid Eyes: Only draw a moderate line

  • Appy waterline on the upper eyelid with a pencil eyeliner. Do not draw a continuous line but dash lines slowly and then connect them. Remeber to fill up space between the lashes.
  • Repeat this process until the waterline of the upper eyelid is about half of the size of the second eyelid. Note, put the eyelid upwards when drawing to make drawing easier and more accurate.

Due to the big double-lid eyes, do not apply eyeliner too dark or too stylized to make a natural feel.

For Hooded Eyes: Do not reveal eyeliner

  • Draw a stroke close to the upper eyelid with gel eyeliner.
  • From the angle of the eye, draw a 3 mm stroke diagonally and use gel eyeliner to fill up to make a small wing.

When you open your eyes, not seeing the line on the eyelids but wings on the corner of the eyes is successful.

Some notes when choosing a type of eyeliner

  • Because eyeliner comes in contact with the sensitive eye skin, it is essential to determine products from reputable brands. It is the best to check whether your skin is allergic to the product before using on the eyes.
  • If you want to use pencil eyeliner, you should choose a soft lead, not too sharp to avoid damaging to the eyes.
  • Apply one eyeliner product on the back of your hand and then wipe away to check the color durability, shapes, and color.

If you have oily skin, you should use liquid eyeliner because it can keep the color for long.

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