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How to Get Relief From Constipation Fast and Naturally

How to Get Relief From Constipation Fast and Naturally
How to Get Relief From Constipation Fast and Naturally

How to Get Relief from Constipation is the key word searched so much on the internet because the more people are getting much trouble related to constipation.

Constipation is a type of the gastrointestinal disorder. It is a condition that the function of bowel movement is irregular causes the hard stool, so the defecation becomes more difficult.

This disease is the common problem; the suffered people may be children, adult or elder adult, male or female. However, the condition becomes more serious if the time you suffer from constipation is prolonged or in the medical term we call chronic illness.

Some further accompanying symptoms are hemorrhoid, foul breath, losing appetite, anxiety and hormone disturbance.

In order to relieve this trouble, the necessary thing is the find of the cause. The researchers conclude that there are so many reasons causing constipation.

It may result in the weakness of bowel mobility. This case appears when you are under pressure or stress as the autonomic nervous system diminish the activities of parasympathetic nervous system including the bowel mobility to concentrate the “fight or flight” status.

Probiotic Yogurt – Best Homemade Laxative

It is known that the probiotic yogurt is the most efficient and simplest remedy for a laxative. This kind of yogurt includes so many good bacteria which is necessary for the healthy digestive function, in particular as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, and two bacteria are typically in the treatment of constipation.

Eating 1 to 2 packs of the probiotic yogurt each day could increase the frequency of defecation in normal, the stool softened and decreased the time of transit. The benefits can be observed so clearly if you are persistent in following this way.

Magnesium – Rich Food to Help Constipation

The scientist demonstrated that magnesium ion has the ability to pull water from outside to inside when it appears in the intestinal tracts. Therefore if you are seeking the way to treat constipation, you should focus on the foods which contain the higher magnesium ion.

The other reason for encouraging this method is that magnesium ion can create precipitation. It reduces the bicarbonate ion in your stomach which is the primary cause of the heartburn and foul breath. It is so easy to consume more magnesium safely.

Green leaf vegetable such as nuts and spinach or fish are the healthy products having high magnesium ion. You should add them to your daily meal.

Water – Important Factor in Relieving Constipation

Water plays a crucial role in the function of muscle and all activity of the digestive system. Drinking enough water is so important for you in the process of constipation treatment as that thing improve the bowel mobility stronger and hydrated facilities digestion. Therefore the wastes could be thrown out easier.

Drinking at least 2 liters per day help your body become healthier and far away from diseases.

There are some essential tips for you in order to prevent constipation:
Do not miss the meal. The studies demonstrate that eating stimulus the waste pushing reflects forward colon. It means that there is no food come in the mouth, there is no bowel movements, the cause of constipation.

Keeping frequent defecation time

Do not try contracting the anal muscle during constipation. It may cause the further problem
The best position for defecation is the squatting with the angle of thigh and abdomen is 45 degree.

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