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How to Get Clear Skin in 7 Days - Skincare Tips

How to Get Clear Skin in 7 Days

How to Get Clear Skin in 7 Days
Photo by Irene Caramaschi on Unsplash

Have you ever looked at someone skin and think how do they get such flawless, clear skin. Getting clear skin is not that much as tough as you think.

It's just easy if you follow few simple things everyday. Lets see the routines which makes your skin flawless.

1 Drink Water

The answer to all kind of skin problem has just one phrase- Drink Water. Water is essential for our body and skin cells. Water helps us to be hydrated. Drinking lot of water can help you to get out of every problem that your skin have. So, Drink enough water.

2 Cleansing and Moisturizing

Our skin tends to be easily polluted by dusts in environment.In our polluted environment, cleansing the skin is most important.cleanse and exfoliate your skin twice a day. If you don't have exfoliator in your home.I will just tell you an excellent home made exfoliator. Get some sugar and water. Mix it well until you get thick paste. Rub it on your face on circular motion fro 30 - 40 seconds.This is your exfoliator.

3 Wash Off Your Makeup

Give your makeup a holiday. Don't just wear makeup all the days.Makeup clogs your pores which may lead to spots. Don't fill your face with cake of makeup. Don't ever forget to wash off your makeup before going to bed. Don't ever be lazy to remove your makeup. Washing your face before you sleep can make miracles.

4 Cut Out Junks

So much of oily foods tends to produce pimple on your face. Cut out the junk foods as much as possible. Avoid the foods with bad fats, processed sugar and alcohol. Eat green veggies and take vitamin c which is so good for skin.

5 Exercise

Healthy skin is just another part of healthy body.Exercise helps you to metabolise. Exercising not only helpful for body but also for your skin. Exercise helps you to remove toxic acid from your body.

6 Sleep

The body cells renew itself at every night. Your body repair itself  more at night than day. Getting enough sleep is the key for better skin. If you are having dark circle then you must be lagging in sleeping. Get 8 hour sleep everyday.

7 Rub Your Face with Ice

The water is the key to your pores. Hot water unlocks and cold water locks. wash your face with water and rub ice cubes on your face. It will freshens your skin. Do this everyday and I am sure you will get better results. Hope to hear feedback from you.

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