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7 Amazing Home Remedies For Red Eyes

Home Remedies For Red Eyes

7 Amazing Home Remedies For Red Eyes
Photo by Andrei Porfireanu on Unsplash

A red eyes, known as conjunctivitis, is a condition which conjunctiva (the transparent membrane between the eyelid and the whites of the eye) is swollen by inflammation or infection. It can be caused by viruses, bacterium and chemicals.

Common symptoms of red eyes are redness, swelling, tearing, itching, puffy eyelids yellow or green discharge (caused by bacterium) or white discharge (caused by viruses or allergy). It is highly contagious and easily transmitted by sharing items or contacting directly. It is recommended to use eyewash containing boric acid because it cleans and relieves the infected eyes very effectively.

Natural Home Remedies For Red Eyes:

However, you can follow seven natural remedies for red eyes below to feel more comfortable.

Cold compress

To treat red eyes, cold compress is a simple but effective way you can try to do. Dip a towel into ice water and apply it on the affected area around the eyes for a few minutes.

Although this method does not cure the red eyes caused by infection, it helps to reduce swelling and itchy eyes and make veins shrink extremely well.


Honey is known for a variety of effects of both beautifying and curing diseases including conjunctivitis because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Mix honey with milk at a ratio of one to one and then use this mixture to rub around the eyes. Otherwise, you can use a clean cloth to dip in this mixture and rub it on the eyes.

It helps reduce the discomfort when having sore eyes. honey might be one of the croup remedies.


Coriander is not just a kind of mixed vegetable crops because of its green color and fragrance but also a medicine for many diseases including red eyes.

Get fresh coriander to dry and then put it into a pan with water to boil. After that, filter it and let it cool. Use this filtered water to wash the red eyes to ease the feeling of heat as well as pain and swelling with the eyes.

Dill seeds

Dill is a plant with yellow flowers whose leaves and seeds have a strong taste used in cooking. In addition, dill seeds are considered as medical herbs which are beneficial to the health, especially conjunctivitis treatment.

Like coriander, boil water with a few dill seeds and then let it cool. Filter it for water to wash your face. You can do this twice a day to relieve pain, redness and inflammation in the eyes.


Apart from being used in cooking dishes rich nutrients, potatoes have a lot of heath benefits. Due to having the effect of healing inflammation, the potato is one of simple and easy-to-do home remedies for red eyes.

Cut a slice of potato and put in on the affected area. Do it for three consecutive nights to lessen eye irritation.

Fish Mint

Fish Mint is known for not only cool properties but also antibacterial properties so it alleviates conjunctivitis symptoms rapidly. Follow the way on how to treat red eyes below.

Keep a bunch of fish mint on the simmer for water to drink daily. Its residue is wrapped in gauze and put on the eyes overnight. Doing this method continuously for three days, you will find your eyes no longer painful.

Besides, you can take a handful of fish mint to pound and then put into gauze and put on the eyes twice a day to increase the effect.

Aloe Vera

loe vera is also listed as one of effective home remedies for red eyes. It helps to ease swelling and pain very quickly; moreover, it also prevents infection as well as relapse. Otherwise, Aloe Vera might be getting rid of termites.

Take the clear, inner, fleshy portion of the aloe leaf to wrap into gauze and apply it on the eyes for half an hour. Alternatively, you can squeeze juice from the aloe leaf. Dip a soft cloth into the juice and apply it on the eyes.

In addition to home remedies for red eyes above, you should maintain your personal hygiene. Wash rheum away at least twice a day with a tissue or cotton. Note that you should not use the tissue or cotton again.

Wash your eyes daily with saline water and pay attention not to take drops of the infected eye into the healthy eye to minimize cross infection.

Moreover, you should wash your face with your own towel and wash your towel with soap and dry it in the sun. At last, wash your hands regularly with lukewarm water, especially before and after taking eye drops and washing your face. Note that you should not use your hands to rub on the eyes.

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