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Bad Hair Weaves: The National Epidemic - Black Girl Without Weave

Bad Hair Weaves: The National Epidemic

Bad Hair Weaves: The National Epidemic
Bad Hair Weaves: The National Epidemic
 Everywhere you look, you see them. Bad hair weaves. On a recent trip to the mall, I was shocked at how many women walk around “proudly” rocking bad hair weaves. I guess the economy finally hassome women thinking, “something is better than nothing.” What these beautiful, yet uninformed women don’t realize is that they don’t HAVE to pay for inferior beauty supply store hair or Chinese hair loaded with fillers.

On a recent trip to pick up some hair supplies for my latesthair-do, I asked the cashier to show me the absolute best Virgin Indian Remy hair they had available. She quickly pulled down a pack of 18″ IndiHair, and took it out of the pack so I could feel it. While it was definitely “better” than all the other stuff in the store, it was by no means anything I would wear. It had a “hard” silky feel to it, definitely not like the hair I’m used to.

RemyRed hair has spoiled me. I don’t understand why anyone would spend $150 on hair that has so many complaints about shedding and tangling…and did I mention that the 18″ pack she showed me was $150 for one bundle?! So a lot of these misinformed women are being tricked into paying more for bad hair when they can have the best hair for a fraction of the price!

Which brings me to my last point on bad hair weaves and hair. They have to stop! I’m serious, most of us have to deal with the stresses of working, parenting, being a spouse, and paying these never-ending bills…why should we have to deal with wearing a bad weave with bad hair, and have people like me wanting to wage war on bad hair weaves. So the next time you decide to change up your look by adding some hair extensions/weave, please make sure you use only the best virgin Indian and Brazilian hair available.

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