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Smoky Eye Makeup for Weddings - Bridal Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

Smoky Eye Makeup for Weddings

Smoky Eye Makeup for Weddings
Smoky Eye Makeup for Weddings
Brides traditionally shied away from bold eye makeup for weddings, but more and more are choosing a dramatic, smoky look as they walk down the aisle.

Smoky eyes don’t have to be strictly for nights out on the town. Forget heavy and goth; modern smoky eyes are softer but still provide enough drama to make your eyes stand out. Here are a few tips on how to adapt your nightclub look for your wedding day.

Colors for Smoky Eye Makeup for Weddings

Try colors other than black. The runway models at Anne Bowen‘s latest bridal fashion show paired their ethereal gowns with deep brown smoky eyes. Brown, gray, taupe, navy blue, deep purple and even olive green can all make for subtly sexy smoky eyes. Smashbox has some easy-to-follow instructions for a soft smoky eye.

Take your complexion into consideration. The darker the skin tone, the darker and more dramatic you can get away with when it comes to smoky eyes. If you’re pale and have light eyes and fair hair, go for a more subtle color and don’t go too heavy on the eyeliner.

Waterproof mascara is a must. Your eyelashes have to stand out against the deep color of your shadow, so a couple coats of mascara are essential. Here’s a roundup of great waterproof varieties for brides in case you shed a tear or two as you say your vows.
 Add contrast with highlighter. Sweep a bit of light, shimmery shadow on your brow bone and in the inner corners of your eyes to brighten up.

Use a light touch with your lower liner. You don’t want to risk looking like an angsty teenager. Go for subtle definition that won’t make much of a mess if you cry a little.

 Practice! Do a trial run or consult with your makeup artist. Have someone snap some digital photos of you (both indoors and outdoors) so you know how your sultry eyes will look throughout your wedding day.

There are plenty of smoky eyeshadow kits available. We like the Smoky Eye Talking Palette by Stila in ‘The Platinums’ for light complexions. The Too Faced Smoky Eye Palette has great color combinations for daytime and nighttime smoky eyes, as well as a more daring series of colors for experimenting with your look. Makeup genius Bobbi Brown‘s latest smoky eye palettes have surprising dashes of subtle color like lilac (the Smoldering palette) and gold (the Sultry palette).

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