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Cool Makeup Ideas For Christmas - Christmas Makeup Ideas

Cool Makeup Ideas For Christmas

Makeup Ideas For Christmas
Makeup Ideas For Christmas
Holiday makeup can differ from the rest of the days due to the special occasion they create. Because holidays are special times, times of joy and happiness, when families gather together to celebrate, your look needs to be a little bit special as well.
Makeup Ideas For Christmas
Makeup Ideas For Christmas
Special times call for special measures so now is the time to catch up with your makeup basics. Holiday makeup is usually stronger than usual every day makeup, simply due to the occasion. There is no rule when it comes to color, the only rule is to make sure not to cross the fine line between appropriate makeup and going overboard towards trashy.

Bold Eyes Makeup

One of the ways to go when it comes to your holiday makeup is accentuating the eyes. A basic rule of makeup says not to go bold with your eyes as well as your lips so decide which of the two is your best facial feature. If you consider your eyes to be the best, choose tow or three tones which you will blend together to enhance your eyes. The color you choose depends on your eye color and skin tone and personal preference.For brown eyes you can try purple tones, gold tones, gray tones. For green eyes green tones work great, browns, copper. For blue eyes you can go for purples, soft browns, peach, grays. Apply the eye shadow according to your eye shape but make sure not to go too strong with the color if you are creating a daytime makeup.Use eyeliner to define your eyes. You can apply the eyeliner near your eyelashes and line with an eyeliner pencil your waterline as well. If you have small eyes line only outside the lash line since dark eyeliner applied on the waterline will have a diminishing effect. Coat your lashes with mascara and your peepers will look astonishing.

Bold Lips

Lips are considered to be very sensual and they can have a very powerful attraction attached. Full sensual lips is the way to go if you consider your lips to be your best facial feature.Use a contour pencil to give the lips more fullness if you think you need it. Contour just above your lip line and thus your lips will appear fuller.Apply a fire red, wine or pink colored lipstick pairing it with soft shimmery eyes.

Natural Beauty

If you are not into bold colors and like to stay in the natural zone have no fear because you will be trendy as well. Natural makeup is very popular in 2010 so you’ll look gorgeous. Try soft peach tones, pink tones or lavender, depending on your complexion. Apply a little bit of black eyeliner along the lash line and a white eyeliner on your waterline.The with eyeliner will make your ayes appear bigger. Coat your lashes with mascara and apply a little bit of tinted or clear lip gloss.

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