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Lip Makeup: How to Apply Lipstick - Step by Step Tutorials And Tips

Lip Makeup: How to Apply Lipstick

Lip Makeup: How to Apply Lipstick
Lip Makeup: How to Apply Lipstick

When completing your makeup, one of the most important parts will be to color your lips. The color, the shape, and even the way it will stay on through your day. It might seem a piece of cake, but in reality, not everyone know how to apply a lipstick in the wright way. It is necessary to fallow some simple steps in order to make the most polished long lasting appealing lips.

Prepare your Lips: It is an essential thing to have soft and healthy lips in order to create gorgeous colored ones. Chopped lips are the biggest enemies of the glamorous look. Make sure you hydrate your body properly, drink plenty of water and quit smoking and alcohol. If you get dehydrated, your lips will also get dry and get cracked. Scrub them once in a while with your toothbrush, to remove the dead skin cells and stop liking your lips. Use lip balm instead, that will nourish and protect your lips. In summer, go for one that contains a SPF to protect them from sun damage. Use lip balm as often as you feel like, and don't forget to hydrate.

Apply Lipstick

Making Your Lipstick Long Lasting: When you got the soft lips, all you have to do is apply the gorgeous color you choose. It is not hard at all, you just have to make sure your lips are healthy and smooth, the best support for a glamorous look. You can even go for a soft scrub after cleansing your teeth, by gently brushing them to. Be careful not to damage your lips.Apply a foundation to make them nude, than a lipstick pencil for the entire lips as a makeup base. Now that you have soft lips with the perfect makeup base, you can apply the lipstick and enjoy a glamorous feeling. You can lighten or darken the shade of your lipstick by using different colored lip pencil as a base.

Choosing The Lipstick Shade: You can basically go for any of the colors. You can go for nude shades, hot red, plum, even black lipstick, which is very in trend this autumn. It depends on how edgy you want to be. But we strongly recommend to for the hot red lipsticks. These are the most feminine looks ever, the most appealing and attractive shades. Don't be afraid to try them on, just make sure you pick the wright shade. There are various shades from every color. Choose the shade that matches your skin tone, and be ready to get noticed anywhere you go. Check the color at natural light to make sure you'll like it, and give yourself some time to get used to it.Also, make sure you stick either to a lip makeup, or a strong eye makeup. If you do both, it will look overdone. And if you want an extra polished look, use a brush to apply it in the most perfect shape.

So now that you can fallow this step by step guide to a proper way of applying lipstick, you can get an extra feminine look that will charm with a simple smile.

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