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How to makeup for blue eyes - The Most Beautiful Makeup For Blue Eyes

Beautiful Makeup For Blue Eyes

How to makeup for blue eyes
How to makeup for blue eyes
When learning how to make blue eyes stand out, there are many ingredients to consider. You can use these eye make up tips to walk you through the process. You’ll learn how to apply makeup for blue eyes, discover what color of eye-shadow for blue eyes works best, and get some other helpful eye makeup techniques to make your baby blues pop. All you have to do is follow these steps to apply eye makeup and choose appropriate eye shadow, liner and mascara colors. Here’s how to choose makeup for blue eyes.

  • Consider the Eyebrow

One of your first concerns when hoping to strengthen the appearance of blue eyes should be the curve and tint of your eyebrows. Veteran Seattle makeup artist Stacya Silver-man, who has tended to the faces of such luminaries as Bill Gates and Kevin Bacon, says a well-shaped, well-colored eyebrow “almost eliminates the need for makeup.” Yet too often, she says, many light-haired light-eyed women will make sure their eyelashes have added color but neglect their eyebrows. “I see so many people with really blue eyes and no eyebrow color at all!” Silver-man says.

  • Eye-Makeup-for-Blue-Eyes In her work

Silver-man likes to apply a rich brown semi-permanent tint so that her clients’ eyebrows are firmly visible at all times. For those women who may not have access to professional tinting services, Silver man recommends that women purchase eyebrow powder and make applying a brow color a daily practice. For eyebrow color, Silver-man insists on brown. “Sharon Stone is the only woman who can successfully pull off that blond hair-black eyebrow look,” she says. “When most other people try it, black eyebrows look terrible.” So, when buying eye makeup for blue eyes, don’t forget about adding color to the brows.

  • Mascara and Liner – Brown or Black?

For decades, one of the popular makeup tips for blue-eyed women has been to stay away from black mascara and use brown instead. Silverman doesn’t agree with this rule for mascara color; she thinks brown mascara is unsatisfying. “Black mascara is so much more powerful than brown,” she says. “Even if you’re blond, I say if you like black, wear black,” she says. “You can tell [that blonds] have something on their eyelashes anyhow, so why not wear the best?” Silverman’s decadent mascara choice is the Armani brand.

  • What Color Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes Eyeshadow Basics:

If you’re like many women, you may be lost when it comes to knowing what color of eyeshadow for blue eyes complements your features best. Finding magical, unique eyeshadow colors can be satisfying, but it’s the natural colors or eye shadow makeup that generally serve blue-eyed people the best. Much has been made in recent years of the fact that blue’s complementary color is orange, and you’ll find that even the proponents of a “natural” look will rave about the miracles of the orange-brown hues (peach, gold, light copper, etc.) These can be some of the best colors of eyeshadow for blue eyes.

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