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How To Do Make Up For Brown Eyes - Amazing Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Make Up For Brown Eyes

Amazing Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes
Amazing Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes
The best make up tips for brown eyes draw attention to those peepers. If you have brown eyes try the darker matted colors and create a smokey eye effect. Your daytime look can be simple or dramatic. You can pull it off.

Pretty, springtime eyes can be created using some of the new pastel, frosted eye shadow colors. Try some of the new offbeat colors like pink or yellow. Use them to line all the way around your eyes.

You lucky gals with brown eyes have lots of makeup options. You can choose to wear eyeliner or not. A lot of looks that would be too harsh on a woman with lighter eyes, looks great on you.

Those of you with light brown eyes have such an unusual color it would be a shame not to highlight them. Definitely try the smokey eye look and experiment with lots of different colors. Use lots of muted shadow liners and crayons.

When you are creating a dramatic eye, or emphasizing the eye, remember to leave the rest of your makeup subtle. Too much all over makeup will just make you look too made up. To avoid looking clownish, never emphasize more than one part of your face at a time.

Neutral Colors For Brown Eyes

Neutral Colors For Brown Eyes
Neutral Colors For Brown Eyes
The best makeup colors for brown eyes are actually those that are neutral in color. Try colors in the brown family like taupes and peaches. I try to somewhat match my colors for a coordinated look. This is not to say that your shadow should be beige, and your blush beige, and your lipstick beige. I’m not talking about a monotone color, just a coordinated one.

Coordinate Your Colors

For instance, if you are wearing shadows from the brown family, try a peach blush. If you are wearing a more colorful shadow like violet or blue, use a berry or rose colored blush. Keep like colors together. Muted with muted; bright with bright.

Makeup for brown eyes really has few rules. You certainly are not bound by the rules that many of us with lighter colored eyes have to live by. If I tried some of the looks that you can get away with, I’d look like a raccoon.

When selecting eyeliner, you can go with dark browns for a natural look and black for a more intense look. And you can frame those eyes with tons of black mascara. You have the enviable position of looking both innocent and mysterious at the same time. Play it up and emphasize what you want!

There’s no excuse for you women with brown eyes to not play up that feature. Use dark shadow, light shadow, matte shadow, or shimmery ones. Just remember to avoid putting too much makeup on the rest of your face. Be sure to create balance with your look.

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