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How To Apply Lipstick On Your Wedding Day - Wear Red Lipstick on Your Wedding Day

How To Apply Lipstick On Your Wedding Day

How To Apply Lipstick On Your Wedding Day
How To Apply Lipstick On Your Wedding Day
Perhaps you’ll choose a professional to apply your make-up on your wedding day or you might do it yourself. Whatever your choice, it’s worth learning how to apply lipstick properly, for touch-ups during the day. Here are some tips:

Lip Pencil

 Make three marks on your upper lipline, one in the middle and two on the sides and join the dots together with your pencil, tracing the outer part of your lips. Do the same with the lower lip, then fill in.


 Use a lip brush to apply a small amount of lipstick. Add it first to the center of the lips and then spread out to the sides.

Blot with a tissue or dust with translucent powder, and apply a second coat of lipstick for color that lasts all day. Top with your favorite balm or gloss for a hint of shine.

To keep lipstick from getting on your teeth once you’ve applied it, put your index finger in between your lips like you are sucking on a straw and slowly drag your finger out. Voila! The lipstick that would have gotten on your teeth is now on your finger, and you can wipe it off with a tissue.

Long-lasting lipstick

There are loads of ‘all day’ lipsticks out there, and unfortunately a lot of them are horribly dry – or just don’t have true staying power. We’ve found one that we like: Mabel line Super stay Lip Color (It even stays on through meals!) but we’re open to more suggestions from the brides out there! What will you wear on your kisser when you first lay one on the groom?

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