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Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes and Eyeliner Tips - Beauty Tips

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes
Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes
Choosing Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes for brown eyes can be somewhat complicated. Why? Because unlike other eye colors, a brown-eyed woman has a huge array of hues that are going to look good when she applies them. Literally every color of the rainbow holds potential along with all those wonderful mineral tones. About the only limit you've got is your skin tone and working with that.

Eyeshadow Colors For Brown Eyes

Eyeshadow Colors For Brown Eyes
Eyeshadow Colors For Brown Eyes
If you want to really play up your brown eyes then consider nice, smoky brow eye shadow. Use something lighter during the day, and keep darker brown shades for a dramatic night time entrance. A second choice, and more playful, is purple. In this case choose a hue that ties to your wardrobe somehow. A dusty purple is better for day ware, while sparkling violets can come out at night to tour the town.

Of course, its also fun to tinker with colors you don't see that often – like peach or sunshine yellow. If it's around the holidays, let the predominant color of the season guide you! This is another moment when your complexion may help you make a final decision. Fair-skinned folk would do better with light colors while dark skinned women can reach for those deeper tones confidently.

Eyeliner Tips for Brown Eyes

Eyeliner Tips for Brown Eyes
Eyeliner Tips for Brown Eyes
To make brown eyes pop up, choose a dark liner in a shade that best matches your eyeshadow. Navy or plum tones of eyeliner work well with blue and purple eyeshadows.

For more natural look keep eyeliner to a minimum just to softly frame your eyes or apply eye shadow as your eyeliner.

Try soft pinks to really bring you brown eyes out

 Avoid all black as it tends to be too strong. Deep browns, plums and charcoals are a good alternative to black.

For more dramatic look you can combine light eyeshadows with darker eyeliner - you could try plum shades of eyeliner in combination with light mauve eyeshadows, aubergine shades of eyeliner with a shimmery light pink eyeshadow.

Applying black eyeliner will bring a dramatic effect and really make your brown eyes shine.

For more dramatic look intensity, you could apply liquid eyeliner.

The purpose of eye makeup is to enhance and accentuate your brown eyes. To make the best choice you need to decide what look you want to achieve - natural, classic or dramatic? Looking for eye makeup tips for brown eyes? Want to enhance your brown eyes?

Here are some eye makeup tips for brown eyes to apply eye makeup for everyday or for special occasions.

 If you have brown eyes, you have lots of makeup options to select:

When you apply eye makeup, you should consider one simple rule - light colors bring out, highlight and make larger while dark colors contour and minimize. Following this simple rule you could combine dark eyeliner and light eyeshadows to emphasize your brown eyes with black eyeliner and mascara and light eyeshadows.

To draw attention to your eyes, keep the rest of your makeup minimal choosing neutral shades of lip and cheek color. This helps you keep the focus on your eyes.

To lighten and open brown eyes and achieve natural eye look, apply light shades such as champagne, peach, light pink, taupes and browns.

Pink eyeshadows with a darker color in the crease will really make your eyes brighter.

Grey eyeshadows and liners will give you a smokey eye look.

Opposite colors brighten each other.

Eyeshadows with shimmer will brighten brown eyes

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