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Day Make Up Tips - Perfect Day Wear Makeup Tips

Day Make Up Tips

Day Make Up Tips
Makeup Tips
Every woman is looking for the perfect makeup that covers any imperfection while staying flawless and being flexible for the entire day. Even if your day starts with a morning coffee, office hours after, then a few cocktails with your friends or dinner date with your lover, the make-up that you choose needs to stay in place perfectly without looking like a mask.

In every person’s life there are some days when we do nothing at all from the beginning until the end of the day, but also there are those days when you can’t even make a schedule because it will still be messed up, so for those extremely busy days when we can barely find the time to catch a breath, every woman needs a perfectly stable and flexible make-up appropriate to any occasion. Whether it’s the office, business meetings, a party or running around town for any possible reason, your make-up needs to look flawless all day!

Steps for Day Make Up Tips

The first step on this make-up is to apply a make-up base on your face because this way your look will be long lasting and you’ll have less fixing up to do during the day. After that you need to apply foundation which not only will cover your little imperfections but also reduce redness and protect your face from impurities. For those that made a habit out of using powder too during the day, we advice you to lose it because after several hours the entire make-up is ruined and you will look extremely tired, use powder for fixing up your make-up.

After you have prepared your face it’s time to play a bit with your eyes. Since this look is going to be from morning to evening, nothing outrageous will be chosen as colors. Try neutrals, earthy shades or creamy colors. This way, you will bring a deeper accent on your eyes and you’ll have a mysterious yet very natural look. In the end add some mascara or at least curl your lashes, so that your eyes can easily pop out.

If you’re not into eye-shadows for daytime because they might tire your eyes, choose to go for a minimalistic cat-eye look, with an eye-liner. Choose to go for an Audrey Hepburn-like natural make-up.

For your lips it’s better to go as simple as possible, at least during the day. Choose a natural nude lipstick and some gloss to emphasize beautifully your lips. In care you’re having a party to run after your work, always have a red lipstick in your bag. This way it will only take one minute to finish a party make-up look.

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