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Bridal makeup tips with Sheng Saw

Bridal makeup tips with Sheng Saw

Bridal makeup tips with Sheng Saw

Do you think a bride should go natural on her wedding day? Would red lips be too much?Normally on the wedding day, I feel the bride is a princess and so should look her most beautiful.

My advice is don’t do too heavy a make-up for the day… go natural and then add more to the eyes for the evening. Red lips can be nice but make sure you tone down your eyes etc if you go for this style. Princesses always look quite natural so bear that in mind!

This is probably the type of make-up I would do! I love my browns and the natural feel. Any pointers? Does it suit everyone?Instead of using an eyeliner, I use eyeshadow instead as this is more natural and has a softer effect. Actually Steph, I’m not using ‘brown’ – the colour is a mix of ‘mauve & brown’. I love using this shade because it actually appears in a brown tone after application. I do this because mauve has a better contrast under the sunlight and in normal lighting. Sometimes, if you use all brown shades it can actually appear quite harsh instead of soft. I tend to go towards a more ‘mauve grey’ or ‘mauve purple’. If you look at the big Hollywood movies, the stars are using this colour as well for their natural look. I use Bobbi Brown’s mauve shades.You can match any lip colour with this eye make-up but remember if you have thin lips, you should use a lighter shade as dark colours make them appear smaller.

Very oriental here! Do you think brides are still opting for this kind of look, or is the western style more popular?Red lips always look nice on people but I think in the past few years it hasn’t been as popular because girls feel it can be too sophisticated, powerful – thus a bit intimidating. However, if you can do red lips well it will look really look nice. Next year’s trend is to have red and coral lips! For the eyes, it’s more to gold this spring as well as pastel colours.As a bride you can do this oriental make up if you for example wear a Kuah (Peranakan Melaka Wedding Gown). But like with all make-up styles, it really depends on your features! I think wing eyeliner suits everyone, it’s not just popular with Chinese but also Indian women like to use it a lot. The effect of the wing eye is to make your eyes look longer – so you have that ‘phoenix’ affect.

Lastly, give us your million dollar tips!! Please:Okie, brides listen up! Before the wedding day drink lots of water, don’t stress, sleep well and exercise. A week earlier, make sure you go for facial. Also it’s wise to do a trial with your make up artist. At least then you know what you are getting and there are no surprises. In my experience, I find that Western brides tend to get more stressed out and lose weight prior to the wedding. Asian brides are normally more relaxed. In this situation, stress can make the skin dull and dehydrated – not quite the princess look I want to create! In this case, I use Clarin’s beauty flash balm to give it a quick fix and make the skin glow. Don’t confuse glow with oily skin ya, which is what we often do in Asia. When you look at a baby, they have beautiful soft skin that has that has a healthy glow… this is what we want!

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