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Long Hair Styles For Women | Casual & Curly Hairstyles | Thick & Bouncy Long Hairstyles

Long Hair Styles For Women

Long Hair Styles For Women
Long Hair Styles For Women
A woman with long hairs is almost complete, and is a beauty in her. She can be seen as a simply pleasing to every ones eye. But many girls don’t know how to use this blessing as a charm in her personality. Many don’t know about how to manage long hairs or what type of haircut will help them. So this article will help them to make an enhance change in there day to day hair dos.

“A girl with long hairs, do not need any other symbol to beauty her”

Following are the type of Long Hair Styles For Women, and are therefore helpful for changing their looks, and glance.

Casual Long & Curly Hairstyles Long Hair Styles For Women:

Casual & Curly Hairstyles Long Hairstyles For Women
Casual & Curly Hairstyles Long Hairstyles For Women
Casual Long and curly Long Hair Styles For Women are the most common and easy hair style. this hairstyle can be used on all types of events. These Long Hair Styles For Women make the hair look bouncy and cool, the shoulder length add a beauty to the looks. To complement the length, one can also use bangs and it will add further style to Long Hair Styles For Women All type of curls can be drawn into shape, with the help of a haircut and nicely done shape up. To make the Fizzy hairs composed and settled, All you need to do is use some hair products, like mousses, hair gel and hair spray. Long and curly hairstyles for women can be done greatly, by half up half down, and further, well a regular shape up, to avoid unhealthy curls.

LONG THICK & BOUNCY Long Hair Styles For Women:

Thick & Bouncy Hairstyles For Women
Thick & Bouncy Hairstyles For Women
This hair do is for those ladies who possess long hair with black color and r in a wavy shape curl. This can be made by shampoo well your hair, and then just dry them up, making them bouncy and casual adding a volume to the length. This Long Hair Styles For Women can be easily recreated. And hence, this could be worn easily on any day or night occasion.

Black color hair are perfectly natural, and are so far very creative and unusually shining, a bounce with an ultimate length can make it more versatile, as well as this makes its length to look more enhanced with a gleam.

Long Blonde & Twisted Long Hair Styles For Women:

Blonde & Twisted Long hairstyles For Women
Blonde & Twisted Long hairstyles For Women
This type of Long Hair Styles For Women, is for women with light colored hairs and those are naturally twisted. That twist adds on the more feminine look to in. and further this blonde color makes it look naturally shining. The length of the hairs makes it trendier. For such type of hair which are not rich curls, And are twisted in the ends, the hairs look more specifically rich and bouncy. Further shape can be added by adding a leyeing and using hair products.

This can also be done with some messy buns, or layer up do. Whatever you like.

Long Hair Styles For Women:

Long Hair Styles For Women
Long Hair Styles For Women
1. FULL AND FANCY- Long Hair Styles For Women: this type of hairstyle is so simple and achieve able. This looks so great on the women with healthy and straight hair. It makes them look natural and lengthy in its own way. For this full and fancy look Long Hair Styles For Women, one can straight her hair to the ends by using an iron, and make them fall from the shoulder. This is very easy to create and copy.

2. The soft curls and waves- Long Hair Styles For Women: the soft curls and the lose locks are also a good addition in Long Hair Styles For Women.  It is so easy to make. All you need to do is just shape up your long hair, and straighten them from the root side till the tip, leaving the tip to have a curl, with the help of a rod. And then spray it, to hold the curl.

3. Messy Buns- Long Hair Styles For Women: this hair do is so easy for those who want to catch up their long hair. They can just make it by making a pony, and then twisting the length of the hair around it. Fix it with the help of some bobby pins and make it more stable by using hair spray. This is more beneficial for the working ladies, who want them to be free from hair tensions.

4. HIGH PONY TAIL- Long Hair Styles For Women: High pony tail is another type of Long Hair Styles For Women, All you need is to gather hair to the middle of your head upside her and brush up neatly. Then tie an elastic rubber band, of any fashionable rubber band, to secure this. It will make your hair to look presentable and composed in a beautiful manner.

Layered Long Hair Styles for Women - Long Hair Styles For Women:

Layered Long Hair Styles for Women
Layered Long Hair Styles for Women
To add style to the lengths, one can try so many different hair cuts that not only add the style, but do not affect the lengths of the hair. Such hair cuts are layered and razor. These are so beautifully carved haircuts. Especially the layered one. It is as simple the hair are make into the shape which is, increasing one by one in a sequence. For women to look more stylish in their day to day life, the layered Long Hair Styles For Women can be done in the following way:

1. The layered cut looks great with the gorgeous locks around the shouldered layered hair style. It adds a current in the layered haircuts. Enhancing the beauty and making it look more elegant.

2. The layered Long Hair Styles For Women is so easy to maintain, but to avoid the hair split ends, you need to make it regularly revising your hair cut, and trimming it.

3. The layered hair style looks for fabulous with colored highlights. Such highlights add further looks to the hairs. Layers look cooler and fluffier.

4. The main idea for this look is to give Long Hair Styles For Women, smooth and simple hairstyles. Only long hair lengths allow the movement from the hair to the shoulder and make it look fresh and cool.

5. Layered hairstyle is further enhanced by making layers and waves to it, curls make it look more fluffy and fancy, but all above layered and lengths complement each other.

Long Hair Styles For Women With Bangs Long Hair Styles:

Long Hair Styles For Women With Bangs Long Hair Styles
Long Hair Styles For Women With Bangs Long Hair Styles
Bangs are now a days the most common fashion which is seen to be adapted by each and every type of girl. There use this east face haircut to give them a stylish look along with, a trendy style and classy and confident personality. this can be worn by all types of hairs, either silky straight, or smooth wavy, or curls and fluffy. This is a very comfortable thing which can be done by any type of hair texture. And any type of personality, Along with a good facial presentation. Making a bang and caring it along with your style is the important thing. Girls with small fore head must not try this style and should avoid it. And more over girls with wide for heads suits this style a lot.

1. Bangs can be used as a straight for head cover, and making it look very easy and simple. This covers forehead, till the eyes covered. This gives a very bubbly look and cute style just like dolls. The long hair falling behind the back are further glamour to the look, adding another Long Hair Styles For Women

2. Bangs with highlights: High lights that can be added to the bangs are very common now days. Teen aged girls can style them self in long hair styles by using colored bangs on their face. These can be added traditional color highlights of fashion and funky colors like blue and green. Making them look more stylish Long Hair Styles For Women

3. Bangs with layers hair cut: this can be seen as another innovative style and it makes a girl look very decent and party girl. Youth looks more alive and lengths look more trendy and classy. This type of bang is cut on the front side of the face along with the layered hair cut. This is kept to fall on face sideways and makes it look more decent and worthy. These can be make a party style by just doing simple ironing or small curls in the end. Adding style with the Long Hair Styles For Women is the basic thing the bangs are invented for.

4. Bangs with the messy buns: the bangs can also be making your messy bun look more stylists. It gives a look of a princess hair do. It makes your messy hair, energetic. The classy and innovating bang cut from the side parting of your hair will add a charm to the bun. The bun is at the back side of the head, either a high bun, or a low one. Bangs are there to complement Long Hair Styles For Women.

5. Bangs with pony tails: the pony tails are never out of fashion. Whatever the event is, pony adds a level of charm to it. And bangs are further enhancing the looks. Here the bangs are falling in the front side of the face, and rest is left to meet the pony tail. The pony tail can be wavy high one, or straight lose one. Both the Long Hair Styles For Women are complemented by bangs.

Long Hair Styles For Women Over 40:

Long Hair Styles For Women Over 40
Long Hair Styles For Women Over 40
When you are in your 20’s you can chose to do any hairstyle you want, but when you come to your 40’s you need to be very careful about whatever you do, must b easy to maintain and easy to carry, it cannot then become very bold.

Being 40 does not mean that the only choice left is short bob. Just make it clear that even though you are in an old age, you can try so many variations on your hair, that could be short long, lose and much more, but with care.


Kastin said:

“For a woman who is 40+ should use warm tones, as it makes them look alive and youthful, and who does not want this”.

It is too easy to make a switch, just go for a warm tone, asks your hair stylist to do it. Don’t experiments the light or ash colors this will disaster your looks. Go for ash, or dark shades of any color you chose.


The medium to short hair do help the old ladies in maintain them. Long hairs may b difficult to maintain, but you can shoes to go for a medium length and therefore adds a classy look to your personality without turning your hair short.


A hair do that is a hair cut which is trendy and stylish. And does not need any maintaining efforts. Just go for it and it will make you look stylish in a new way even though you are aged.

But make sure that the hair cut you chose to opt must be a complementing one, should be in accordance with your features and personality looks and favoring your life style. This is the basic need of each and every hair do that it must be done with an incredible innovation.


Well discussed enough about what should be done, and what should not be done, but the main thing is that what makes your 40’s terrible a laughing stalk. It is highly recommended that one must b very clear about what not to do. The braid is for teens and making this in such an old age is a terrible. And making ponytails and fluffy curls, or long waves also makes you look pretending to be young. Just make sure that everything is just as perfect as your age is, and does not make you a laughing thing for others.

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