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Flattop Hair Style | Flat Top Haircuts | Exquisite Flat Top Haircut Designs

Flattop Hair Style

Flattop Hair Style
Flattop Hair Style
Hair style plays an important role for making your personality good attractive and awesome. The only thing is that how you are going to take this opportunity. Every person has same level of this opportunity. The difference is only of the thinking of a person. What he is thinking about a subject. The hairstyle that I am going to explain in front of you is a modern hair cut that is flattop.

It’s a kind of very short hair style. It resembles to the crew cut. The only difference between the flattop and crew cut is this that the hair of the head from the top are styled to stand up. These elongated hairs must not be longed more than one inch. It is cut to be straight and flat. It results in a haircut that is square in the shape and form. This hair style is mostly by the males. Particularly and specifically, those men and boys who are part of the military of U.S.A. this hair cut is commonly done with the electric clippers. These are used to cut the hair from side and back. And then the hair is cut from the top to achieve hair at level from the top. The length oh the hair is about to be an inch long from the top. First dry the hair from him top and then cut them with a scissor to achieve a final look. Wax can also be used to tight or to stiff front of the flattop.

The shape of the flattop dose not suit a person who has a round shape face or the round head. “Landing strip” is a point in the top of the head from where a flat surface is achieved. Every person having or wearing flattop style must have a maintenance cut once in a week. To maintain the flattop in its original form. Because the hair cut is too short and grows rapidly. This hair style got fame in early 11900s. Eduard butcher, he played an important role for the popularity of this style. In few of the comic books the flattop is referred as spider-man.

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