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Blake Lively Hairstyles

Blake Lively Hairstyles

Blake Lively Hairstyles
Blake Lively Hairstyles
Blake lively was born on august 25, 1987. She is an American actress and model as well. She is recently signed for a book based drama series of American television channel. The name of this series is Gossip Girl. She is also casted for movies. The name of her few movies are Accepted, The Sisterhood of the travelling pants, the private lives of pippa lee and Ben Affleck’s the town. She also performed in the sequel of the sisterhood of the traveling pants.

Lively started her acting career in 1998 when she was just eleven years old. At that time she appeared in a film and the name of the film is Sand man. This movie is directed by her father. Lively appeared in a film that is made on a novel in 2005 and the name of the film was, the sisterhood of the travelling pants. She was nominated for teen choice award for her best performance in the film and the name of the film was choice movie breakout female.

Lively is all time favorite actress of the hollywood. She became so popular in this less age. She is as popular and liked so much as the kids like ice cream in all season. The hairstyle of lively are all time uniqe and different from the existing one. She looks more young and pretty with every new hairstyle.

The hair color of lively is honey golden that really looks hot and ,akes her more sexy. Most of the times she looks in wearing a wavy hairstyle with this honey golden hair color. This is her long wavy layered hairstyle. the natural tewture of lively hairs is a wavy one. She uses to wear the wavy hairstyles that can be medium wvay short wavy or long wavy hairstyles.

Here she is wearing a long straight hairstyle with the jagged layers of the hair on the front of the hair. As usual she is looking hot and beautiful in this hairstyle. The jagged layer hairstyle gives volume to your hair. This is lively’s long medium wavy hairstyle. This is her modern hairstyle of the year that she is wearing in an award ceremony. This is lively’s pony tail hairstyle. She is wearing a fancy pony tail of the hair and making a thin bang of the hair on the left side that is touching her cheek in a more romantic way. She is her new summer look of the year and she is looking cool and sexy. This is lively’s bun hairstyle. Here she is making an updos of the hair or you can say she is wearing a lower bun of the hair. She is looking decent in this bun hairstyle.

This is other look of lively hairstyle. Here she is wearing a top pony tail. This top pony tail if the hair is formed by her medium straight hairs that are roughly cut from the ends. She is looking cool with this pony tail hairstyle.

Blake Lively hairstylesare different from other celebrity hairstyles in various ways. Blake Lively hairstyles collection is full of long wavy and braids hairstyles. There’s not any hairstyles collection except Blake Lively hairstyles in which you can find a good number of braids hairstyles. So for the braid lovers Blake Lively hairstyles is not less than a gift. Just once she appeared in mid length haircuts but you will find nothing except long hairstyles in Blake Lively hairstyles.

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