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You Can Restore Your Health And Beauty With An Effective Anti Aging Program

You Can Restore Your Health And Beauty With An Effective Anti Aging Program

Health And Beauty
Health And Beauty

Your health and beauty are linked to a healthy diet. By eating a healthy diet every day, you can improve your body’s overall health and the beauty of your skin. The skin’s health is intertwined with the health of the body. Good health is reflected in beautiful skin. Poor health or poor nutrition does not generate a clear, radiant and glowing skin. Your skin is a mirror image of your health. Thus, a healthy diet is essential to your health and beauty.

A healthy life style and adequate protection of your skin from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays are also essential to your overall health and beauty. The hallmarks of beautiful skin are plumpness, firmness, clarity, radiance, smoothness and a healthy skin tone. The skin cells need an abundance of nutrients and oxygen supplied by your body’s circulatory system on a daily basis.

Each meal that you eat should be rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and phytochemicals. The more nutrients that enter into your skin cells and other body cells, the healthier your skin and body. Meals that are rich in nutrients improve the health and beauty of the skin by increasing its tone, texture, liveliness and radiance. Poor health and poor nutrition result in dull, pasty and sallow skin.

A healthy diet consisting of an abundance of citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables can supply the recommended daily allowances of minerals, vitamins, fiber and phytochemicals. These nutrients act synergistically to promote cellular repair and renewal. It has been shown that people who eat diets rich in these vitamins have lower rates of cancer and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

Your health and beauty are also reflected in the shape of your body. If you are overweight, you have placed your body’s overall health and its natural beauty at risk. People who are overweight usually have very poor dietary habits. They do not consume healthy foods. Healthy foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants.

If you have an unhealthy body weight, you are at a greater risk for developing certain diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Diabetes and heart disease impair the body’s circulatory system. Impaired circulation results in less oxygen and nutrients delivered to skin cells and other body cells. As a consequence, your complexion appears unhealthy because your body is unhealthy.

By opting for a healthy diet, you can simultaneously improve your body shape and your complexion. Beautiful women, young or old, have beautiful skin and a healthy body shape. In fact, people who eat healthy diets find that their skin takes on a more youthful appearance, and the signs of aging diminish greatly. They also find that their body shape improves by becoming curvier with less flabbiness. Your beauty and health can be balanced by achieving an ideal body weight.

Your beauty and health are affected by your life style. If you have an undesirable life style such as engaging in excessive alcohol consumption and heavy cigarette smoking, you have also placed your health and beauty at risk. Excessive alcohol can cause drying of the skin and liver damage. People who have liver damage caused by alcohol have yellow (jaundice), sickly skin.

It is well known that people who smoke cigarettes have increased and early wrinkling of the skin. Cigarette smoke is considered an environmental pollutant. Cigarette smoking causes wrinkling of the skin earlier and more severely, depending on how heavily you smoke. The toxins in cigarette smoke are thought to damage small blood vessels that nourish the skin.

Smoking also decreases estrogen production, which can result in premature aging. Characteristic smoker-wrinkles are deep smile lines around the eyes and radial wrinkles about the lips. Cigarette smoking is also linked to lung cancer. If you are a cigarette smoker, you can improve your health and beauty by refraining from smoking cigarettes immediately.

A healthy life style also requires that you get adequate rest, sleep, and exercise. Proper rest, sleep and exercise refreshes the body and mind. According to medical research, people who sleep and get regular exercise have healthier bodies, look better, feel better and tend to be happier. Exercise improves the health and beauty of your skin by stimulating an increase in the flow of blood carrying oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells.

The health and beauty of your skin are also linked to the amount of exposure your receive from direct sunlight over the years. Ultraviolet radiation (UV light) from sunlight is the major contributor to skin aging. The term for this is photoaging. Photoaging is caused by the release of free radicals in the skin from UV exposure. Sunshine contains UV rays that damage the skin.

There are two kinds of UV rays that come from sunlight: UV-A and UV-B. UV-A rays cause tanning and long-term skin damage, but not sunburn. UV-B rays cause tanning, sunburn, and skin damage. The effects of severe photoaging can be dramatic, especially on the facial skin. It can cause pronounced wrinkling, sagging, and a mottled skin tone.

The effects from photoaging can be so severe that the facial skin can become unsightly. Thus, the health and beauty of your skin can be adversely affected by not protecting it from direct sunlight. However, there are several remedies for photoaging: prevention, the use of sunscreens, and daily intake of foods that are rich in antioxidants. Fruits and green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins A, C, and E. All three vitamins are antioxidants and can neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin.

Prevention offers the best chance to avoid excess sun damage to the skin. Those who have stayed away from the sun's rays for most of their life will have much healthier skin than the elderly individual who has been exposed to the sun for over several decades. If you must be in the sun, you should protect your skin by using a sunscreen with at least a SPF of 15 to avoid damage to your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Ideally, the sunscreen should provide you with a broad-spectrum coverage, meaning that both UVA- and UVB- protecting ingredients are present. Regardless as to what type of skin you have, you must protect it from direct sunlight.

To maintain a healthy body weight, beautiful skin, and protect your health, it is absolutely necessary that you establish a healthy eating pattern. Diets that are low in carbohydrates are effective because they substitute carbohydrate rich foods for healthy low energy, low calorie foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and fiber. Diets that are safe and healthy do not use food substitutes, but offer a variety of wholesome, nutritious foods.

To protect your health and beauty, you should adopt a healthy diet, if you have not already done so. There are many commercial low carbohydrate diets available online. You will have to browse various websites that offer low carbohydrate diets to choose the one that meets the requirements of a healthy diet and is affordable.

This article has provided you with basic information on the health and beauty benefits of eating a healthy diet and opting for a healthy lifestyle. Thus, you can make an informed choice as to what diet is right for you. Keep in mind that by eating a healthy low carbohydrate diet, you will improve your overall health status and decrease your susceptibility to certain diseases, while improving your complexion.

The low carbohydrate diet that you select is your own choice. However, Slimatron.com offers a healthy low carbohydrate diet that can be used to lose weight, maintain a healthy body weight, improve the health and beauty of your skin and protect your body from the adverse effects of high blood sugar. The Slimatron low carbohydrate diet is super-rich in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fiber, proteins and low in fats.

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