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What is Pedicure Equipment

What is Pedicure Equipment?

Pedicure Equipment
Pedicure Equipment

Since pedicures are one of the most popular ways for clients to relax in and salon, every beauty based business needs to have the pedicure equipment to provide them. The professional salon equipment needed for a great pedicure is actually very straight forward.

The largest investment of money when buying equipment for pedicures will unquestionably go to the pedicure chair itself. This chair should feature a heavily padded seat with a massage component for the back and neck. This massage component should come with an easy to use controller so a client can set the massage intensity and location to their liking.

The basin of the pedicure chair needs to be equipped with easy and clearly marked water temperature controls, an easily used drain, and Jacuzzi jets for massaging the feet. This basin should also be made of anti-microbial plastic to encourage cleanliness. All chairs must meet the state and national requirement for electrical safety as well, which is vitally important when working near water.

Other pedicure tools include stools for the technicians to sit on, carts for holding supplies, pedicure soaps and lotions, nail and foot beautifying tools, and cleaning supplies to keep the chairs in perfect working order.

Caring for Pedicure Equipment

Because pedicures are very popular and will rapidly become a mainstay of any thriving salon or nail spa’s income, it is very important to keep the pedicure equipment in top shape. Breakdowns are costly and will loose a business time and customers. So how can pedicure chairs and other relevant salon furnishings be kept up?

First of all, when the initial purchase of a piece of professional salon equipment is made, it should be inspected and cleaned thoroughly. This give it a great start to staying in working order.

Next, pedicure chairs’ instruction manual should be read thoroughly. Make certain that the electrical current in your building matched with the circuitry of the pedicure station. Water and drain setting need to be checked regularly to make sure there are no leaks or blockages.

Cleaning the chairs every day also helps to keep them functioning properly long term. Also, it is very important to use anti-microbial cleansing solutions or wipes to clean the surface of all pedicure chairs. This must be done every single time they are used. Not only will it prevent the spreading pathogens but it may also prevent the build of up toxic mold in the chair’s piping.

Pedicure Trends

There are several trends arising in the pedicure area.  Nail art is huge right now and not just on finger nails.  In order to give the best pedicure possible you must have the proper pedicure equipment. Minx is one excellent way to make your toes stand out.  Since it is summer you may be wearing sandals and you want your toes to look good. Why not put Minx on your clients’ toes?  There are many fun designs you can choose from animals prints, to checkers to metallic shades.  Another popular trend that is popular right now is rhinestones on nails.  Even swarovski  crystals are becoming a popular way to make nails and toes stand out.  Make sure to read nail magazines and blogs to stay up to date with which trends are popular so you can be sure to purchase the right pedicure equipment.  You want to be on the cutting edge of all the new trends so that your clients can refer all their friends to your nail salon.

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