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Simple Makeup tips newbie tend to forget often

Simple Makeup tips newbie tend to forget often

Simple Makeup tips newbie tend to forget often
Simple Makeup tips newbie tend to forget often

Beauty at times does not come that easily. Those who do not own much when it comes to appearance have to use money to gain it, while those who do still have to strive maintaining it using the right products. Going overboard both ways however can lead to even terrible results. That is why you should still hold on to these seemingly simple yet essential makeup tips.

Compatibility test

Humans are created with different types of bodies, which show various forms of reactions when exposed to specific environments. Therefore, before applying a product on your face, try it out elsewhere for two or three days to see whether your body accepts it.

This you can do by taking a small mixture of all the items in the kit and applying it on hidden skin, say the shoulder or back. Afterwards you should check the surface for any reactions. You will save yourself from discomforts and embarrassments of rashes that could appear on your face in case the chemicals do not auger well with it.

Not for you:

Most people wrongly assume that something, which is good with another person, is meant for them as well. You should be aware that even skins that look perfectly alike to the normal eye may be quite different under the careful scrutiny of a skin care expert.

Before you venture into applying any product, get a professional to assess you. Most of them offer advice free, so all you have to do is visit them or email a snap of your skin. Alternatively, there are fashion web pages that display pictures of different kinds of skins and give brief, important makeup notes beside them. This is much better than blindly doing things, which will end up ruining your day.


Often at times some individuals forget to apply a moisturizer or do not give it enough time to settle before putting on makeup. Either way, you will be doing a great disservice to your body by denying it essential nutrients. Moreover, the makeup will not absorb properly and so it probably won’t last you the whole day.

Use the right brush:

One disadvantage of the cheap make up kits out there is that apart from the doubt surrounding the integrity of their mixtures, they also come with poorly made brushes. Using these is not very far from doing it with the finger. There is a very distinct difference in the outcomes of those who use quality kits and the ones that just pick on anything that comes their way.

Get comments:

Before leaving the house, it would be a wise idea to seek complements from those who are around. It is also more preferable that you pick on someone who is makeup conscious, because a person who is not much aware of these things might give you a wrong go ahead. In addition, take time while beautifying yourself. Doing things in a hurry will most of the time end wrongly. Find more of these and other makeup tips from people who know best.

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