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Long Hair : The Mane for the Goddess

Long Hair : The Mane for the Goddess

Long Hair : The Mane for the Goddess
Long Hair : The Mane for the Goddess

One of the true measures of femininity is sporting a bouncy shiny long hair. Every man goes loco to get a lengthy stroke or touch for those long soft tresses. Most hair product companies, in fact, feature long-haired models to endorse a product on television or on glossy magazines. Historically speaking, our ancient fathers are more attracted to women with long hair, which symbolizes good health, and chose them as the ideal partner. Today, most people, including both men and women, long hair represent the ultimate Goddess-like beauty that any girl would be so proud to flaunt.

Mythology had taught us that Goddesses are not only powerful and intelligent but also extremely beautiful creatures. Artifact, sculpture and even in movies, the Goddesses are depicted with so much grace and beauty and never missing to have a gorgeous long hair. That’s why as a kid up until maturity, women as much as possible want to grow their hair long even how hard it is to maintain and manage. Perhaps, the sense of attractiveness that goes along with a long hair keeps the girls going in growing those tresses.

The versatility of styling a long hair, moreover, is another reason why women sport it. An infinite variety of looks can be created with it even if you have a curly or straight hair. One is so free to try on different style with just keeping it loose, tied, or accessorized and feel so trendy at the same time. More creative specialty hair dos are also easier to fashion to women with long hair. Getting a new style of haircut is also less difficult and hairstylists can be more reinventive with your looks.

If a long hair gives the ultimate beauty ever, it definitely deserves the best hair care ever as well. No one can stay beautiful with it, if one is unaware on how to properly maintain it. Long tresses are very demanding for your attention since while it grows the hair becomes more prone to split ends. So have a regular visit to your salon to have it slightly trimmed and conditioned. Conditioners prevent the hair from tangles, which is a very common problem in having a long hair. Using friction-less accessories would also be helpful to avoid damage and breakage.

Just like the Goddesses, real and ordinary women have the power to maintain that healthy long hair and stay forever beautiful.

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