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How To Do MakeUp

How To Do MakeUp

How To Do MakeUp
How To Do MakeUp

When doing makeup, the skin should be clean and moisturized. One should wash her face either with water and a cotton pad or by use of clarisonic blue cleansing system. It should also be noted that the neck should be equally cleansed for a perfect make up exercise.

Moisturizers should be applied in bits and sections. This should be done on the face and neck for a perfect look. One should concentrate on the key sections like the forehead, chin and the cheeks. The moisturizers should be rubbed from the center of the face out and upwards.

On the other hand, the entire neck should be moisturized. In so doing, the back should be given similar concentration as the front. All the neck should be made look nice and taut. To finalize on the preparation part, moisturize the lips using lip balm.

Now, one needs the daytime make up. Apply some foundation blended in a way that it matches the neck and the color of the face. When doing so, one should consider the forehead, nose, cheeks and the chin. Put the foundation on your palm, while using your fingers to apply it on the skin; it should be applied from the centre going outwards.

Concealers are as important as the foundations; they should be applied under the eyes, on the chin, in the t-zone and around the nose. This should be done slowly, systematically and in small bits. On the other hand, curling of lashes is a must do. This is done to make the face bright and look awakened.

Creamy eye shadows and brushes should be blended into the socket line. This should however not extend to the eyebrows. In the process, add a tiny line of shadow under the eye. This should be done using a brush.

Mascara should be applied with a tiny flat-ended brush. Dark brown mascara is recommendable than the black. Starting from the root moving to the tip of the lashes. Slowly, coat all the lashes. Lipsticks should follow an equally similar but slightly different procedure. A mixture is much better than a single color. First, a stick should be used after mixing it on the fingers in an alternating manner and then applying it to the lips.

Sometimes there are the night red carpet parties to be attended. This calls for the night time make ups. The liquid liner is the most common make up to be used in this case. They are done using both the hand and the brush. It should be applied from the middle of the eyes going out. Consideration for a black and brown mixture is a nice attempt. This is in order to create some sort of color richness.

That done, take care of the eyes now. Using an eye pencil, draw a line with eye pencil above the line of the liquid liner. Also use the black mascara to at least make the eyes popping and round.

Cheeks should be smoothened using the liquid shimmer: rubbed and dabbed in a slow manner from the top of the cheek bone and on the end of the eye blows. When procedures strictly adhered to, a great look definitely comes to be.

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