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How Can I Grow Long Hair?

How Can I Grow Long Hair?

How Can I Grow Long Hair
How Can I Grow Long Hair
 Q.) is it true that your hair grows at a certain length depending on your genetics? because i have been keeping my hair in braids and caring for it and dieting but it has stayed the same length year after year! its right below my ears and no longer than that it never gets longer.

A.) Maximum hair length is a combination of a couple of factors; the rate at which hair grows and the rate at which it falls out or breaks off. The rate at which hair grows is determined partly by genetics. Hair goes through various stages in its life cycle. If it’s breaking off as fast or faster than it’s growing, it will never get any longer. Hair breaking off is also partially determined by genetics. The more brittle hair is, the more likely it is to break off.

Even barring the hair breaking off, it will only reach a certain length. Once hair reaches a certain point in time (not length) in its life cycle, it is shed. There is a maximum length any person can grow his or hair to. That (theoretically) would be equal to the growth rate times the length of time in the growth part of the life cycle. The growth phase can be (on average) from 2-6 years. For example, if the growth rate were 6 inches per year and the growth part of the life cycle were 3 years, the maximum length your hair could possibly get to would be 18 inches. After the growth phase, the hair goes through a shorter transitional phase (a few weeks, then goes into a shedding or resting phase (also a few weeks). The hair is shed and the cycle begins again.

To get your hair to its maximum length, you need to minimize breakage. This involves proper nutrition to make strong hair. And it requires proper maintenance so you don’t weaken the hair after it’s been developed. And, you need to maximize the growth rate during the growth phase. Nutrition and products that help with scalp health can help you maximize the rate of growth.

Do these things and you can achieve the maximum hair length possible for you. But, not everyone can grow hair down to the floor.

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