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Hair Cuts : The Perfect Cut for that Pretty Face

Hair Cuts : The Perfect Cut for that Pretty Face

Hair Cuts
Hair Cuts

You sometimes wonder why even if you wear the trendiest hair cut of the season, you still don’t have the allure celebrities sport with that cut. The woman sitting next to you who happens to wear the same hair cut, however, looks incredibly stunning. Then you go back scanning those hairstyle magazines again looking for the right celebrity hair cut that would suit you best. Lucky if you get the perfect one this time but chances are it could still be the wrong hair cut for you. Worst, if you chose a short hair cut looking awful with it, you still have to grow it for months before you can have the next cut. Unless of course you’d prefer to go bald!

Hair cuts are meant to highlight the best angle or feature of your face. Getting the perfect hair cut, therefore, is not a matter of trial and error of trying out trendy hair cuts sported by celebrities and top models. It’s just a matter of getting the right match of hair cut that would go with the shape of your face to get that perfect look.

Oval. Any hair cuts would suit a woman with an oval-shaped face. Long or short, straight or wavy cuts, she can definitely pull it off. Choppy bobs and hair layers near the chin, cheekbones, or lips would also look best. Just avoid blunt cuts and short layers on top of your head so your face won’t look unnecessarily long.

Oblong. Go for cuts that create an illusion of width such as chin-length bobs, curls, and waves. Bangs, which can be trendy if cut long or worn side-swept, can also create more width especially if you have straight hair. Avoid extreme long or short hair cuts that would further elongate the face.

 Hair cuts that allow your hair to fall below your chin or make the top of your head appear having a little volume are best for round-faced women. Wear a hair cut that would help your face look slimmer and less bulky such as getting soft graduated layers with tapered and wispy ends. Bangs can also be flattering. Just don’t go for one-length and blunt cuts, which overemphasize the roundness of your face.

Square. Playing down the angular strong jaw should be aimed in getting a haircut if you have a square-shaped face. Hair cuts that create texture such as choppy ends and curls would do brilliant effects for women with square-shaped faces. Avoid chin-length cuts, one-length bobs, and bluntly-cut bangs that make your face look more squarish.

Heart. Get a hair cut that would divert one’s attention away from that pointy chin such as highlighting the eyes or cheekbones instead. Side-swept bangs would do the works as well as a hair falling at or below the jawline. If you want to have a short hair cut, keep soft and long top layers, and go for wavy layers grazing the cheekbones if you want to sport a long hair cut. Avoid harsh choppy layers and bluntly-cut bangs.

So next time you browse those hairstyle magazines check if the celebrity or model has the same face shape as yours. A hair cut, after all, is meant for that pretty face.

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