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Hair Color Getting The Shade That Best Suits You.

Hair Color Getting The Shade That Best Suits You.

Hair Color
Hair Color

The right hair color to a beautifully styled hair does much to enhance one’s total look. Getting the shade that best suits you is not a “scientific” complicated thing. One simply needs to stick to a hair color that compliments their skin tones, and analyze if it looks best with an “all-over” color or just some highlights. Lastly, decide if you want to “do yourself” or pay a stylist to do it for you. Check out these tips to avoid the wrong hair color and be able to DIY:

Choose the Correct Blonde Shade

Blonde is a trend in hair color these days, and some women just looks good wearing them. However, some women don’t, so it is important to consider the skin tone before going blonde. Deep gold’s are not for those with pale skin that have yellow undertones. And always remember not to go more than a few shades lighter than the current shade of the hair.

Going or staying brown

Pale skin toned people should be careful with going dark or very dark tones as it might create a “ghostly” and older look. Similar to going blonde, it is advisable to start a few shades from the natural hair color. In this situation, avoid going over several shades darker on the first try.

Coloring or highlighting

Women with short hair can enhance their look with full color than just highlights. Medium-length hair to long hair women can look flattering with highlights, particularly around the face. “Natural-looking” highlights can be done through five various shades of color; one can ask their hair stylist for this.

Kinds of Highlights

There are generally four kinds of highlights: “hair painting” or baliage, basic “foil highlights”, lowlighting, and “piercing” or chunking.

Do yourself

“Home-color kits” have advanced through the years, and they’re ideal for people who don’t have time to go to salons or those who want to cost professional coloring costs. There are also well-know brands for coloring kits in the market today such as “Clairol Nice and Easy” and “L’Oreal Natural Match hair Color”.

Start with semi-permanent color

If you’re a newbie, semi-permanent colors are advisable unless covering gray hair. Semi-permanent hair color “wash out” after several washes.

Are you right for blonde hair color?

The best thing to know if blonde is your color is to know a basic “rule of thumb”: people who’ve had blonde hair when they were kids have the “right” skin tone to go blonde when they’re adults.

Changing the hair color can really be a “hair-raising” experience if done the wrong way. However, with the right preparations and selecting products that best suit you, as well as knowing when its time to get “professional” help, can bring out a more beautiful you.

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