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Curly Hair : The Curly Girly Fashion

Curly Hair : The Curly Girly Fashion

Curly Hair : The Curly Girly Fashion
Curly Hair : The Curly Girly Fashion

Curls are cute. Girls born with naturally curly hair are more than blessed to flaunt those girly tresses especially now that straight hair fashion is over. Yes, curly hair is back and ready to swirl the fashion scene.

A number of curly-haired girls, however, is unaware on how to carry those bouncy curls to really sport a stylishly chic look. Most of them would just pull those curls back to a ponytail or simply braid it due to the lack of idea on how to really flaunt the charming bunch of curly hair. A few expert advise from hair stylists would, however, help and here are some of them.

In order to keep a good-looking curly hair style make sure that it is always conditioned, which prevents the hair to become dry and frizzy. With its certain chemical structure, curly hair tends to be more prone to dryness and frizziness that’s why it is always advised to keep it conditioned or moisturized by applying deep conditioners after shampooing or leaving olive oil for 20 minutes in the hair before shower. Washing it with cold water will also help calm the hair to become frizzy when it dries.

The next thing to consider in order to gorgeously wear a curly hair is what cut to maintain. Does it have to be short, medium, or long?

Basic hairstyling suggests that determining what cut to wear should be based on the shape of a person’s face. With curly hair, however, hair volume should also be considered. A round-faced person with a high-volume hair, for instance, would look good if she wears her curly hair long while those thinned-faced will not.

A medium curly hair style, however, is universally advised as a versatile cut for any type of hair volume and face shapes. It’s neither short nor long and falls right in the middle when its dry. Most women find a medium length cut more convenient because it is more manageable. It also saves them from hour long blow drying of thick tresses. A medium length cut also allows a curly hair to be more bouncy and get all those straight-haired women drool with envy.

Being curly is something a girl can practically be proud of. Just imagine all the straight-haired girls recently hoarding hair salons to have their mane permed, rolled, and scrunched and the big bucks their shelving out their pockets while you, on the other hand, could just charmingly smile and naturally sport a flirty and fun look with those curls.

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