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Natural Remedies for Dry Frizzy Hair - Useful Remedies for Dry and Frizzy Hair

Natural Remedies for Dry Frizzy Hair

Useful Remedies for Dry and Frizzy Hair
Natural Remedies for Dry Frizzy Hair

There are many culprits behind dry frizzy hair such as sun exposure, hair care products, styling tools, dehydration, chemical treatments etc. This type of hair make you look unattractive no matter how healthy you are. Managing frizzy hair is really a very troublesome task. Usually people with curly hair are more prone to these frizzes. Using market available products to combat this problem is a temporary solution.  You can use some natural ingredient to prepare some good natural remedies. Use of natural remedies is a safe and effective way to get rid of frizzy hair. Given below are some natural remedies for you.

Remedies for Dry Frizzy Hair

Condition Your Locks with Mayonnaise

You can use mayonnaise hair mask recipe to condition your locks naturally. Apply it on your hair and leave on for about half an hour. Rinse off with water. Use olive oil and mayonnaise mixture to get maximum benefits from this hair conditioning treatment.

Banana for Manageable Locks

Application of a mixture of mashed banana and almond oil is another good remedy for dry frizzy hair. Just mix banana with a tablespoon full of almond oil. Apply it on your head and rinse it off after half an hour.

Hot Oil Treatment

This is a perfect way to get shiny, manageable and well moisturize hair. Use this treatment once every week to get rid of your problem. Before bed, massage your head with warm almond or coconut oil. Leave it overnight. Wash it off the next day.

Egg -Yogurt Treatment for Frizzy Hair

This is another good hair conditioning remedy. Just mix egg white with yogurt and apply it on your hair. Leave on for about 20 minutes and then wash off.

Use these remedies to get rid of frizzy dry hair naturally at home. Also, try to adopt a healthy and balanced diet menu. Include lot of hair friendly foods into it like fruits, vegetables. Drink lot of water daily to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

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