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Applying The Facial Mask - The Best Way to Apply Face Masks Correctly

How to apply masks to make them more effective in skin care

Applying The Facial Mask
Applying The Facial Mask

Before you begin pull back your hair, you can tie it or do water possible make sure your hair is out of the way and not hindrance to the implementation of the masks.

Thoroughly wash

The first step is to clean skin before applying any product. Thoroughly wash your face with a mild soap and warm water to open the pores a little. Dry with a towel fresh out of the closet (so you do not have bacteria) and gently pat dry it.

Removal of impurities

We suggest you invest in a good exfoliate to remove impurities, apart from daily use products to pamper your face. These products can help make a good exfoliation and remove all toxins that can hide in the skin. Apply it, giving gentle massage to the skin of his face, neck and chin. Rinse again with warm water.


Once the skin is free of surface impurities, it is important to remove dead cells. To do this we can use a commercial exfoliating, or some homemade facial scrubs made from sugar and honey. Massage the entire face, starting from the neck up.

Applying the facial Mask

After these steps, your face should look much more fresh and relaxed. Now it is time to apply a homemade mask.

Always apply the mask with your fingers. Apply to the forehead, cheek, nose and neck.

Never apply the mask around the eyes. The eye area is very sensitive, so you must leave holes for eyes.  You can use sliced cucumbers for your eyes to reduce puffiness.

Find time to relax when you are going to apply the facial mask, avoid talking, and it is better if you can lie down for the duration. The best and easiest time to apply a homemade facial mask is when you are taking a bath in the bathtub.

Leave the mask on for the recommended time period, no longer.

All facial masks have instructions on how to apply, how to remove them, and time limits to leave on try to follow.

Closing or Tightening pores

Remove mask, rinse your face with warm water, and then immediately rinse with cold water. This will close the pores that have opened to prevent blackheads or bacteria entering our skin.

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