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Whitening Skin Care or Lightening Skin Care Product – Is It Safe?

Whitening Skin Care

Whitening Skin Care
Whitening Skin Care

Whitening Skin Care products, like many cosmetics are not a new idea. Nero - Twittering Skin Care Began from Nero and Poppaeahe Roman Emperor and his lovely wife Poppaea used white lead and chalk to whiten their skin, but now lightening skin care products are becoming so popular that they enter the main Western markets.

The dominance of the Asian market for skin whitening products is obvious, but researchers also confirm a number of new trends in the West which have a great influence on their growth worldwide.

According to the Global Industry Analysts (GIA) there is a huge demand and increased popularity in the men’s market for whitening skin care products.

The report also states that lightening skin care products previously used as a product for the face are now being used in skin care for the body.

The main reason why the whitening skin care products are becoming as popular as an anti aging product is their ability to inhibit skin pigmentation and “brown spots”.

For years, the greatest demand for skin whiteners has been coming from Asian markets. But the arrival of ethnic population in US and other Western countries have created and accelerated demand for lightening skin care products in the West.

This report also confirms and identifies skin whiteners as multi-usage cosmetic products. For example, Western consumers often use lighteners for their anti-aging application, while the Asian consumer uses them to lighten the overall color and tone of their skin.

Is There Any Danger Of Using Lightening Skin Care Products?

Despite all the bright and positive assessments, – “Skin whitening remains a controversial topic, given the active ingredients historically used,” said Sarah Gibson, exhibition manager at In-Cosmetics Asia – therefore safety issues and black market sales threaten to influence the potential of skin lightening.

Whitening skin care products have been manufactured with some dangerous components such as hydroquinone or mercury, which have since been made illegal in most major Western countries.

Even under such a strict control, the problem of dangerous skin whiteners has not gone away, because of the black lighteners market developed in many major countries.

In the UK, doctors warned in the Lancet medical journal of the severe threat posed by black market creams. In some cases – “Doctors can be unaware of the need to inquire. Creams can contain toxic substances, such as steroids and hydroxyquinone – and patients are typically unaware of the risks.” – said Dr. Tricia Tan and Dr. Tony Goldstone of the Endocrine Unit in the Department of Investigative Medicine, Imperial College.

Dr Emma Meredith, scientific director of the CTPA, also stated: “Consumers must be careful to buy whitening skin care products from reputable sources. Lighteners bought from bona fide sources are subject to strict legal requirements that ensure their safety.

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