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Wedding Makeup Tips - Wedding Day Makeup Looks for Brides

Wedding Makeup Tips

Wedding Makeup Tips
Wedding Makeup Tips

Planning exactly how you want your wedding makeup ahead of time should be a priority. Your wedding is the one day in your life when you are guaranteed to be the center of attention. It's understandable to feel pressure to look your very best, when everyone will be looking at you.

So what is the best bridal look for you? It's you at your most stunning.

Wedding Makeup Advice

Wedding Makeup Advice
Wedding Makeup Advice

This is not the time to be experimenting with new or tricky techniques. As we know all too well, trends come and go quickly. If you have ever looked at your parents' wedding album, you probably know what I mean. Frosted blue eyeshadow or hot pink lips may have looked good at that time, but "current" looks become dated real fast.

When choosing what kind of wedding makeup you will be using, go with classic and tasteful colors. You cannot go wrong with that. Apply your makeup stronger than you normally would. That way your face will not be washed out in the flash photography.

1. Wear a bright pink blush if you have fair skin. If you have darker skin, choose a rose colored blush. Use more of it than you normally would.

2. Choose waterproof mascara. It is longer-lasting, and won't smudge if you get teary-eyed.

3. Keep your eyeshadow colors light to medium. Deep colors like navy, chocolate, and charcoal are good options for eyeliner.

4. If you want to do some eyeshadow contouring, do so lightly. Avoid a strong color like charcoal because your eyes will be too deep set. To contour, use a medium-dark shade in the crease of your eyes.

5. Smokey eyes paired with pale pink lips are a beautiful combination. That is one option of doing your makeup.

6. Be sure to fill in your eyebrows with a shade that is a little bit lighter than your natural brow color if you are brunette. If you are blonde, choose a light brown shade. Be careful that they do not overpower your face.

7. Very pale or brown lip colors should not be worn. They will appear washed-out against your white dress. If that is your normal lip color, just use it as a base for your lip makeup. Apply it first, then a pink or rose shade can go on top of it. If you normally wear a dark lip shade, then apply a lighter pink on top to make the color pop.

8. Avoid makeup with too much shimmer or frost because it will emphasize any wrinkles. It will also be too reflective in the pictures.

9. If you need to even out the skin tone of your face and chest, apply plenty of bronzing powder. You do not want the shade of your face to appear different from the rest of you. Don't apply foundation to your chest, or else it will smudge on your wedding dress.

Hiring a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist

Hiring a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist
Hiring a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist

You may be interested in hiring a makeup artist to do your wedding makeup. Where do you find someone who is qualified?

Ask your friends if they can recommend someone they've used. Beauty salons and schools can usually point you in the right direction. Some salespeople at makeup counters are capable of doing this type of work. Just ask around.

Before choosing the makeup artist, talk to that person. Inquire whether he or she has done wedding makeup before. If so, ask to see photographs of his/her work. Ask if that person will do your makeup ahead of the wedding to see if it will work for you. If that person does not agree, move on to the next person. This is too important a job to risk getting something you don't want at all.

If you're unable to afford someone to do your makeup, you can go to a department store or Sephora and ask them for a makeup lesson. Then keep practicing the look until you are comfortable doing it for your wedding day. Have a girlfriend come along with you when you are getting the makeup lesson, so that when you are practicing at home, she will be able to check your work.

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