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Tips for Beautiful Hair - Easy Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair To Follow

Tips for Beautiful Hair

Beautiful Hair
Beautiful Hair

Beautiful hair is the body’s barometer. If you eat right, exercise daily and live a stress free life then it reflects in your shiny and manageable beautiful hair. Here are some ideas worth keeping in mind for caring your hair properly.

Always choose shampoo and conditioner depending upon your scalp and hair type and of-course of a reliable brand. You will also find that your hair will change periodically and you may need a different shampoo and conditioner for proper hair care. Don’t continue using a dry hair shampoo if your hair has gone through an oily period.

Tips for Beautiful Hair Bellow:

  • Always cleanse your hair thoroughly before you set it or blow it dry. Otherwise, your hair will be heavy and will become sticky very quickly.
  • If your beautiful hair is very oily, apply the shampoo before wetting with water.
  • If you have long beautiful hair, put the conditioner on the ends, spread halfway up the hair shaft only.
  • If you have bleached or have very thick and long hair which is prone to tangles, leave a fraction of a cream rinse in to hair to make it easier to handle.
  • Choose conditioner containing balsam or protein to nourish your hair.
  • To treat the oily hair squeezes a lemon over the hair or a tablespoon of vinegar in the rinsing water.
  • Don’t use hair spray often for rigid setting. Hair that moves looks sexier and prettier.
  • On holiday while enjoying sunny days on the beach, cover bleached damaged, tinted or porous hair with a scarf or hat.
  • Always wash chlorine or sea water out of your hair after swimming. Try to cover your hair while swimming with a swimming cap.
  • Have your hair cut every six weeks, even if you’re growing it longer. Rather, try to go for different hair style to impress your boyfriend or husband.
  • Regularly condition your hair and give them massage 2 times a weak which helps improve dry hair.
  • If you have thin hair then eats properly and adds vitamin E, zinc and mineral rich food in your diet. 
  • Try to avoid sugar in your diet. Does yoga exercise like headstand to increase blood circulation to scalp? Pamper your hair with a hair massage to add volume to your beautiful hair. Wash your hair more often, super clean hair looks and feels thicker. Avoid excessive processing of hair like setting, teasing and brushing.
  • If your hair lank and lacks luster after one or two day of shampooing, then you have oily hair. Wash your hair very alternate day if you have oily hair. Use a gentle shampoo. Never use a cream rinse as this will tend to coat the hair further, making it even more limp and un-manageable.
  • Right way of shampooing: Wet your hair first with lukewarm water and then massaging lather into 
  • your scalp.  Follow with a long, thorough rinse- at least two minutes flooding with water through the hair. Water temperature should start at warm and taper off to cool or cold if you can stand it. Cold water seems to close pores and bring a shine to hair.
  • There is no way to repairing the split ends, so cut them. But to prevent them, use a shampoo for dry hair, give yourself oil treatments and brush and massage your scalp regularly.
  • To detangle the tangled hair use cream rinse after shampooing to smooth out tangles.
  • Avoid brushing your hair too often otherwise it will cause more damage to your beautiful hair.
  • These tips will surely add some help in your hair care routine and bring you one step closer to achieve that beautiful and manageable hair.

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