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Summer Bathing Tips for a Relaxing and Refreshing Experience

Summer Bathing Tips

Summer Bathing Tips

Summer Bathing Tips

Summer Bathing Tips are quite a regular thing which we all do - well, at-least once a day (I am not talking about those lazy ducks who loves skipping their daily bath... lol). So what's so special about bathing and why are we discussing it here? We all know how to take bath, right? Baths and showers always provide a soothing and energizing feeling, but did you know there are several things you can do to the bathwater to make it a more pleasurable experience? Especially in summer when a regular bath may not be as pleasurable or relaxing as you want it to be.

In summers whole day we deal with pollution, dust, oil, heat and sweat (which is the worst part of it); and after going through all of these whole day sometimes we are too tired for anything. But, a rich bathing experience can calm and relax your senses and provides immediate relief from sweat and the body heat.  When properly planned, baths and showers can give you just what you need. Here are some tips for a relaxing and rich bathing experience this summer.

Summer bathing tips for a relaxing and refreshing experience:

Mint Bath for a refreshing experience:

 - 1/2 cup pine needles
 - 1/2 cup peppermint leaves
 - 1 drop rosemary oil

Mix Pine needles and Peppermint leaves and add rosemary oil into it. Stir the mixture well. Put this preparation into cheesecloth bag and use it in your bath for a refreshing experience.

Summer Bathing tips-pine needles Bathing tips-peppermint leaves Bathing tips-rosemary oil
Mint bath benefits in summer: Mint is cooling, refreshing, and astringent to the skin. It is also very cleansing, and great for a putting in a bath on a hot, muggy summer day.

Lemon bath - to cool your senses:
 - 1/2 cup Lemon juice
 - 1/2 cup Lemon Verbena

Mix both the ingredients and then put it into cheesecloth bag for a perfect bathing experience.
Bathing tips Lemon-Bath-lemon Summer Bathing tips Lemon Bath-lemon verbena

Lemon bath benefits: This will make you feel fresh and clean. The lemon scent rejuvenates your mind and body. It also tightens and tones unwanted wrinkles.

Lavender and rosemary bath:

 - 1/2 cup dried lavender flowers
 - 1/4 cup mint leaves
 - 1 TSP powdered comfrey root
 - 1/4 cup rosemary

Put all the ingredients into a muslin bag then pour this muslin in boiling water and steep for 3 minutes. Use the liquid in your bath.

Summer Bathing tips Lavender Bath-lavender flower Bathing tips-rosemary Bathing tips-comforter root

Benefits: Lavender has been named as one of the most useful of the essences for the relief of anxiety and stress. This bathing formula relaxes your muscles, calms your mind and body and gives a rich aromatic bathing experience.

Coconut oil bath to soften and moisturize skin:

 - 1 cup coconut oil
 - 1/2 cup elder flowers

Melt the coconut oil then add elder flowers into it and then leave it for 2 hours. Strain the oil and use 1-2 TSP in your bath.

Summer Bathing tips-coconut oil Summer Bathing tips-elder flowers

Coconut oil bath benefits: Using coconut oil in bath keeps skin soft and silky, and in summer months after exfoliating it helps preserve tan.

Rice and Barley bath to get rid of rough skin:

 - 1/4 cup barley
 - 1/4 cup rice
 - 1/4 cup bran
 - 1.5 liters of water

Soak the grains first for about 1-2 hours the simmer the mixture for an hour. Strain and use about 2 cups per bath.

Summer Bathing tips-barley Summer Bathing tips-bran

Benefits: This bathing formula helps get rid of rough skin and reveals soft and smooth skin.

Soda Bicarbonate bath for skin softening and to relieve skin from itching:

 - 1 TSP of soda bicarbonate
 - 1 Drop of rosemary oil
 - 1 Drop of lavender oil
Use the mixture for your bath.

Bathing tips Bicarbonate Bath-soda bicarbonate bathing tips-lavender oil Summer bathing tips-rosemary oil

Benefits: Baking soda is known for its cleansing ability and even has anti-fungal properties. It also leaves skin very soft. Adding aroma oils makes the bath an even more pleasant and relaxing experience, also these oils will assist in the detoxification process to enhance your bathing experience.

Next time you are feeling too tired for anything then try these relaxing and refreshing bathing formula. These will surely make your bathwater a more pleasurable experience.

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