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Short Haircut Styles - Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Short Hair

Short haircut styles

Short haircut styles
Short haircut styles

When considering their next hairstyle, many men fear “going short” because of a perceived lack of variety in styling options. This perception is simply not valid. Short haircut styles don’t have to be boring! Short haircut styles can work to satisfy creative urges for both men and women.

Short haircut styles come in many varieties. Men can opt to cut a Caesar style hair by cutting short bangs and pushing all the hair forward towards the face. After Julius Caesar himself for who the cut was named, the person who comes to most people’s mind as an exemplary version of this cut is George Clooney during his “ER” days. Men and women agree, the Caesar cut is a very attractive short haircut style.

Short Haircut Styles buzzcut

Short haircut styles
Short haircut styles

Another of the short haircut styles that are popular today is an updated buzzcut, in fact it’s so short it almost looks shaved. This is a very trendy look now with celebrities. All you need to do to achieve this look is keep the area surrounding your ears shorter than the rest of the head. Uniformity in hair length is NOT the goal, or you will look like you’ve just started boot camp.

One option you can try with short hairstyles is to grow the front or bangs area a little longer than the rest of the hair on your head, and flip it up with some styling gel. This adds a little height and dimension to your style, and attracts attention to your face. You can also grow the entire top a bit longer and experiment more with hair products by spiking the hair up and add a little visual interest.

Versatility in styling aside… frankly, some people’s faces and heads just look better with a short haircut style. If you have a square-shaped face or a well-proportioned skull, short hair can be the best look for you.

Selecting a short haircut style is especially a good idea for the gentleman with a receding hairline. Guys, the comb-over just doesn’t work to hide anything. In fact, it does the opposite. Growing your hair long and flopping it over any balding spots only draws attention to the area.

Instead, consider a short haircut style. In fact, cutting your hair very short, all over, makes it appear that you want your hair short, not that you are doing it to hide something. It does what a comb-over does not, disguise a receding hairline. A lack of hair draws the onlooker’s eyes to yours, not to mention the rest of your handsome mug.

If you want to really attract attention, you should definitely consider a short haircut style. The look is professional, classic, sleek and sexy all at the same time. Take a look in a magazine, and bring some styles you like to your barber or stylist, and ask if they’d work for you. Chances are, they will!

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