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Short Formal Hairstyles - Best Ideas About Short Formal Hairstyles

Short Formal Hairstyles

Short Formal Hairstyles
Short Formal Hairstyles

Short formal hairstyles are elegant and alluring. Here is a selection of short formal hairstyles to choose from.

Formal hairstyles have every ounce of elegance and feminine allure that long formal hairstyles have. It’s just a matter of knowing how to dress up short hairstyles for the occasion:

Halle Berry Short Formal Hairstyles

Halle Berry Short Formal Hairstyles
Halle Berry Short Hairstyles

When Halle Berry wore her hair short, she created an instant fan club. Her short, razored style, which affords plenty of movement, is an especially good option for women with thick, wavy or curly hair. Short formal hairstyles modeled after Halle Berry are achieved by applying gel to damp hair and then scrunching dry.

Easy formal hairstyles that look sophisticated enough for a bride are achieved when the hair is teased and then pinned to the back of the head in a crown or a circle. The ends of the hair are then curled and a few wisps of hair released. The result is a soft, romantic and ultra feminine.

Other short formal hairstyles materialize when the hair at the crown of the head is twisted or knotted, then held secure with jewel magnets or rhinestone clips. Some wisps of hair or the ends of the hair can be left free for a slightly messy or spiked look. This is best done by a hairdresser so that it will look professional, not like you just got out of bed!

Often, creating short hairstyles is as easy as adding the right accessories: Swarovski crystal barrettes, a black velvet headband, a rhinestone tiara or an exotic silk or fresh flower next to an ear can add a fairytale touch.

Best Ideas About Short Formal Hairstyles

Short Formal Hairstyles
Short Formal Hairstyles

Visit your great grandmother or grandmother. Yes, that’s right! Ask her how to create pin curls and make your own 1940s or ’50s hairstyle. Then, ask whether you can look through her wardrobe for some great vintage accessories that would look fabulous on your hair. With some luck, she may even have an evening dress in your size.

Go on – by now we’ve wetted your appetite for more imaginative short formal hairstyles, and you’re bound to come up with your own creations. Flip through magazines and cut out celebrity hairstyles. Set up an appointment with your hairdresser and talk through the possibilities. Have a practice run at the salon or practice at home several times so that you’ll be confident when the big day comes. With a bright smile, a dress you look great in and your short formal hairstyle, you’ll be a star.

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