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Short Curly Hairstyles for Time-Conscious Women

Short Curly Hairstyles

Short Curly Hairstyles
Short Curly Hairstyles

If you’re tired of long, curly hair, it’s time for short curly hairstyles. Find out if short curly hairstyles are right for you and how to care for them.

Are you tired of your long, unruly curls? Do you have time requirements that make your hour-long hair-styling session simply too tedious? Is the ponytail getting old and boring? Then it’s time to try out some curly hairstyles! Short curly hairstyles offer you a world of versatility. Within minutes, you can switch from a fun, spunky look to an elegant, haute-couture appearance. All you need is some adequate styling gel or your basic curling iron and some fancy, rhinestone-studded hairpins.

For the cut, the current pixie and crop haircuts will work for short hairstyles. Both haircuts draw attention to the eyes and look fantastic on women with fine features or small faces. If your features are larger or more masculine, you may want to keep your longer hair or opt for a different short hairstyle – although some full curls at the crown of the head can soften a square chin.

Curly hairstyles can be very short on the top and sides but look best with the proper amount of layering. After all, you don’t want to entirely eliminate those curls – or worse, end up with a helmet head! The best type of layering for curly hair is called stacked layering, in which the layers are cut at angles toward the face, curving in so that your curls will actually cascade, not just protrude in a haze of frizz. If your curly hair tends to be very bushy, almost afro, ask your hairdresser to thin your hair to tame it.

There’s some more good news for short curly hairstyles:

Short Curly Hairstyles
Short Curly Hairstyles

They are definitely low maintenance. Unless a woman has naturally super straight hair, she has to spend some time straightening her hair for a smooth look. Your short curly hair, on the other hand, can be set in place with a good hair mousse, gel, hair spray or serum. A quick blow dry later and some hairpins, and you’re ready to go! If you’re seeking a more elegant evening look, put your hair in rollers to obtain more defined curls.

Since curly hair tends to be dry, remember to properly condition short curly hairstyles. A deep conditioner applied once a week can work wonders. The advantage of this shorter hairstyle is that you won’t spend such a long time blow drying your hair, so your curly hair will be in much better shape, looking healthy and shiny.

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