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Sensitive Skin Care - Learn How to Take Care of Your Skin

Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive skin care is an important subject that needs to be addressed for those of us with challenging skin conditions. Whether you suffer from dry, itchy, or allergic skin, there are ways to acquire and maintain beautiful, healthy skin.

Throughout most of my life, I suffered from dry itchy skin. The itch would be so intense; I would wake up in the middle of the night, scratching myself really hard. My skin would perpetually get worse. It seemed like no matter how much lotion or anti-itch cream I applied, nothing would work. Needless to say, it caused me a lot of grief.

My luck began to change when I sought out advice from a good dermatologist. She looked at my rough patches of skin, and told me that I had eczema. I didn't take the news so well."Eczema? Oh no!! How could this happen to me? Wait. What is eczema?" After finding out that it wasn't a serious defect, I felt much better once I found out how treatable it was.

Up until that point, I hadn't realized how clueless I was about how to take care of my sensitive skin. For example, I used to take really hot showers to relieve my itchy skin. Since it felt so good, I thought it must be helping me out. Little did I know, I was only making it worse?

These days I am pretty fortunate. My skin is looking and feeling better than ever. I have a solid skin care regimen that I follow on a daily basis. Any effective skin care routine must include..

Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin Care

Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin Care
Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin Care

If you have sensitive skin, you may also have a reaction to certain laundry detergents. Many laundry detergents on the market can irritate your skin, so you will likely want to use laundry detergents that clean well, but won't cause you any problems.

Sun Protection  - Sensitive Skin Care

For people with sensitive skin, it is especially vital to use adequate sunscreen. How much sun protection do you really need? Usually an SPF 15 is good enough if you are not going to exert yourself. If you are planning on doing a physical activity, such as swimming or running, using an SPF 30 is advised. You will need to reapply the sunscreen often, because sweat and water will remove much of it.

A lot of you may feel reluctant to use sunscreen because of your sensitive skin. I know how uncomfortable some sunscreens can be. However I have found certain ones that are suitable for sensitive skin care. If you want to find out what to look for when purchasing sunscreen, go to the left navigation bar and click on sun protection.

Dandruff Problem

For those with dry skin, dandruff can also be a problem. Generally, you know you have dandruff if you scratch your scalp and it flakes. Dandruff commonly appears on the scalp, but can appear on your face as well. Using a good quality dandruff shampoo can help get rid of dandruff? If you suspect you have dandruff on your face, apply the dandruff shampoo for a few minutes to those portions of your face. That should help as well.

Chapped Lips

Chapped Lips
Chapped Lips

If you live in a dry climate, or it is winter weather, you may experience dry chapped lips.

It can be frustrating to try different things that do not work for getting rid of dry lips. But I have found out how to deal with this problem. It is easy enough. You just need to follow a few simple sensitive skin care steps to get rid of chapped lips.

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