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Tips to Choose the Right Shampoo for Hair

How to choose the right Shampoo for your Shiny Hair

Choose the Right Shampoo
Choose the Right Shampoo

The basic Hair care starts with Cleansing Scalp, Healthy scalp leads to happy, healthy hair with the right shampoo. And when it comes to shampoo, you should clear the myth that Shampoo is used clean Hair. And it is not true; Shampoo is used to clean scalp and hair both of dust, sebum and grime. A Shampoo should be chosen keeping both scalp type and Hair texture in mind. Examine your scalp to know which type of shampoo you should choose.

If your scalp turns oily and hair loses its volume falling flat within two days from washing, you have oily scalp. If your scalp turns oily and greasy within 3-4 days, you have Normal scalp.

Examine your Hair Texture: Curly, Straight, Wavy or Thick

Types of Shampoo available

There are many brands and textures of Shampoos available in market. Liquid, Bars, and Powder forms are available. The Liquid has many variants for every type of hair, Clear/Clarifying shampoos, Conditioning Shampoos, Sebum control Shampoos and many other. And then there are medicated shampoos for scalp diseases and disorders like Dandruff, Flaky, or scalp acne.

Liquid Shampoos are widely preferred than Shampoo bars or Powders. Bars are solid shampoos that foams when comes in contact with water, while Powder forms are generally made from Ayurvedic and herbal powders that have zero chemicals and are safest to use.

If you think there is no harm in using any shampoo, you better think twice. And there are people who use every possible brand irrespective of the type and texture of scalp it is made for. The ill effects of using wrong shampoo can lead to Dry scalp, Flaky scalp disorders, Dry hair ends or even Hair fall. Hair fall is the most common problem faced by every other woman in the world, so choosing the right shampoo according to your hair type is very important. Here we give you few ideas to choose the right shampoo.

Choosing the Shampoo for Coarse and Curly Hair:

If you have Coarse and curly hair, Choose shampoos that are moisturizing and Hydrating with key ingredients like Shea butter, Olive oil or Coconut oil.

Choosing the right shampoo for Thin and oily Hair:

Oily hair is because of Greasy, oily scalp. So choose shampoo with Panthenol as key ingredient.
It makes each hair strand thick. It can be little drying for the ends, so always dilute your shampoo.

Choosing the right shampoo for Dry and damaged Hair:

Dry scalp or flaky scalp can damage hair texture making them excessively dry and rough. Hydrating shampoos with Cucumber, Aloevera or Honey should be preferred. Such shampoos provide miniaturization without making hair limp and oily.

Choosing the shampoo for Relaxed or Permed hair:

Special shampoos with suitable ingredients are made for processed hair. For Relaxed hair, there are many brands are available in the market. The brand that manufactures the Products also manufactures Shampoos and conditioners as well. So it is better to use the products from same range to avoid Damage and Dryness.

Ayurvedic Shampoos

These shampoos are made from Herbs and Essential oils and are chemical free in nature. But then there are brands that use SLES as primary ingredients too, so it depends on an individual to look out for brands which use natural and chemical free ingredients.

Brands like Lush manufactures Solid Shampoo bars that are SLES free and are made from Castile soap or even Organic and Natural ingredients like Soap pod and Soap nut.

Natural Shampoo

Soap pods and Soap nuts of Shikkakai and Ritha are been used for cleansing hair from ancient times, and people still use the concoction instead of shampoo, If you want to use Chemical free Shampoos, you can go for this method.

Soak fistful Soap nuts and Soap pods in 200 ml of water overnight and boil them till the water is reduced to 50 %, use this liquid instead of Shampoo. The benefit of using organic shampoo is it is suitable for every hair texture and scalp type. It cleans both scalp and hair without stripping natural oil. If you like the squeaky cleanness that shampoo provides, you may not like this concoction.
Other ingredients like Amla, bhringaraj, Chickpeas, Orange peel and Lemon are also used in Ayurveda.

If you choose right Shampoo according to your scalp and hair type, your hair will be problem, disorder free and will shine with health. So examine your needs, hair texture and scalp type very well before choosing a Shampoo.

And remember Happy Hair is Healthy hair.

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