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New Short Hairstyles - Latest Short Haircuts

New Short Hairstyles

New Short Hairstyles
New Short Hairstyles
Our new short hairstyles are not that new after all. History’s trends are here to stay, indicated by every new short hairstyle.

When we talk about hairstyles, “new” is a relative term. An often-quoted phrase from the Bible says, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” In a sense, hairstyles are no different. The short hairstyles and ultra modern looks we admire today are in many cases remakes of previous hairstyles. Skillful hairdressers have simply added a new dimension, a different angle or integrated a dynamic concept to create our trendiest looks.

For example, one of these new short hairstyles that are not so new is the bob. A bob is a chin-length hairstyle for women that usually include some defining angles and a well-proportioned set of bangs (fringe, for our British counterparts). While today’s bob is slightly choppy, very textured and full of movement, it’s not a completely innovative concept. The flappers in the 1920s inaugurated the bob, a rebellious haircut during a long-tressed era. These women in the Roaring Twenties got rid of their hair as fast as they got rid of the required skirt lengths and other taboos, such as smoking, drinking or partying without acceptable supervision.

New Short Hairstyles Trends

Another one of these short hairstyles that evokes a past era is the shaved or nearly shaved head for men. We’ve seen Brad Pitt and David Beckham go through the phase, and Vin Diesel looks that much tougher with no hair. Shaved heads go clear back to our precursors in ancient Egypt, although men also wore black wigs to not get a sunburn. Later, Greek men cut their hair short but eventually also opted for a shaved pate.

Relatively recent new short hairstyles have sported a bleached, surfer-looking blond color. While we may think we’re so cool with our hairstyling products for “naturally” bleaching hair in the sun, a similar set of bleaching products were all the rage in the Europe of the middle Ages. Both men and women tried their hand at using saffron, bleach and other dyes to obtain the coveted golden hair.

Other hairstyles are based on Elvis Presley, 1940s movie actresses, the ’70s mullet or the ’80s punk inspiration. In short, we may have come a long way, but nearly everywhere you look, you can find a renewed hairstyling pattern – new, yet with a retro hint to it. Vintage is in but with a new twist. Let’s just hope white powdered wigs or three-foot dos kept for months on end don’t come back.

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