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Natural Beauty Tips – use lemon juice

Natural Beauty Tips

Natural beauty tips
Natural Beauty Tips

Natural beauty tips usually include the use of various herbs and other elements provided by nature. One such element is lemon juice. Here are some tips for you to maintain your beauty and add to it with the help of lemon juice.

First of all using the lemon juice helps you to make your fingernails healthy. Lemon juice helps to make your fingernails stronger and it makes them look brighter.

Lemon juice also helps you get rid of your blackheads. You just need to rub it at the affected areas of your face before you go to bed at night. When you wake up the next day, you need to rinse your face with cool water. You need to repeat this every day until your blackheads go away.

Lemon juice also brightens your skin. A little lemon juice everyday when rubbed on the skin makes it bright and shiny.

The lemon juice can be used to brighten up the skin of various areas of your body. You just need to rub a fresh lemon on this area before going to sleep at night. For an all over treatment you may add up a 1/2 cup of fresh juice to your bath water. You just need to soak your skin for 20 minutes with this water.

Natural beauty tips with Lemon

Lemon juice can also act as your hair conditioner. It gives your dull and damaged hair, a new breath of life. You need to use it with Olive Oil and raw honey. This has to be applied after you shampoo your hair. Then you have to dry your hair using a towel. During that time you also have to work the lemon juice mixture into your hair. For this you need to use the juice with a comb, combing your hair evenly.

After this you need to cover your hair with a plastic cap for a period of 1/2 hour. After that you need to shampoo your hair and then condition them. This lemon juice treatment for your hair is better than any other conditioners available in the market. There are absolutely no side effects of the juice on your hair.

These natural beauty tips for using lemon juice to take care of the various parts of your body are the best in natural beauty care.

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