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Nail Art for Sparkle Finger, Water Marbling, Sponging and Free Hand Nail Art

Nail Art

Nail Art
Nail Art

Nail art is creativity or embellishment of Nails with Stones or stamping prints. Nail art can be done on either Natural nails or Artificial nails. Nail art has a popular craze these days, from polka dots to floral prints. Nail Art is a type of Fashion Activity related to manicuring. There are Commercial Nail Bars that offer treatment and Nails are embellished using Nail Paints, Rhinestones, and Stamped and then sealed with a Top coat. Also Acrylic Nails are readily available for stick on purpose; they are very easy to use.

Artificial Nail Tips are made of lightweight plastic plates that are nail-shaped. These are glued on the end of the natural nail and liquid acrylic is then applied over the entire nail.

The Forms are fitted over the nail. Then an artificial nail is molded out of acrylic. Then the forms are removed and the new nail shaped and buffed to a shine to look natural and shiny.

You can Do-it-yourself at home at your convenience, if you have required stuff and Nail paints. You will find no lady with not a single nail polish in her Makeup stash.

All you ever need to get your own Nail done is Nail Paints, lots of them.
We are giving you some ideas for Do-it-yourself.

Sparkle Finger Nail

Apply Pastel Nail Enamel on All the Ten Nails and let it dry. And when the Nail Enamel is dried, Coat Ring fingers of both hands with Shimmer Nail Enamel. You can even create Stripes or Polka dots with help of a Pencil or Dotting tool if you have one.

Remember to use Silver Sparkle Nail Polish with cool toned pastel colors and Golden Sparkle Nail Paint with warm toned.

  • Mint, Blue or Green with Silver
  • Peach, Brown or Peachy pink with Golden
  • You can even play with both Cool toned and warm colors at once.

News Paper Nail Art

This one is very Simple and chic nail.
All you need id Newspaper, Pastel Nail Paint and Rubbing Alcohol & Top coat.
Apply Pastel Nail paint and when it is semi dry, pat some rubbing alcohol on it and stamp the Newspaper sheet on it. Strip off after few seconds and apply Top coat.

Water Marbling Nail Art

This is easy, creative and turns out wonderful. It can be tedious for some because of it lengthy procedure.

Fill in a Trash container with water, till its 90% filled. Add a drop or two of different colored Nail Polishes and swirl according to your need with a tooth pick. You can swirl according to your desire shape.Apply petroleum jelly around your finger nails and dip lightly into the colored design covers your finger nails.

Take your fingers out, Clean the outer finger corners with cotton dipped in Alcohol/Nail Paint remover.

Play with Colors and swirls, the more you practice, the better the outcome.

Caviar Nails or Beaded Nails

All you need is Caviar Pearls and Basic Pastel Nail enamel. Nude color will suit the best. Paint your nails in Nude color, Sprinkle Caviar pearls on your nails with Tray underneath. Let the painted part catch hold of pearl resulting in the outcomes as in the picture. Pour the Pearls in the tray back in to the bottle with a funnel.

Sponging Nail art

All you will need is two color Nail Paints preferably matching to each other and Sponge. On a Tray, drop two colored nail paints side by side and Mix them with a toothpick in the gap between two colors. Wear one of the shades as a base on all the finger nails, Stamp sponge on the tray, and dab that sponge on each finger nail one by one. The mixed side should be up and the dark color on the downwards.

Refer the Picture; you can play with Different colors like Blues, Greens, Oranges, Nudes, Browns and Black and White for eccentric look.

Free Hand Nail Art

This is good for Beginners and to Practice, You will need some inexpensive tools and Nail Paints.

  • For Dots: Use toothpick dipped into desired colors.
  • For Stripes: Use Nail guides that come with French Manicure Kit.
  • For Swirls: Old Eyeliner brush
  • For Duo toned Mess: Sponge

If you want, you can go hunting for Embellishments, Stamping tools and Stones online stores like urban touch, Born pretty and Health Kart.

The Brand Konad has many options of stamping tools and stones. You can also opt for Ready to stick Nail arts available by Brands like Faces and Konad. You just have to paste them on Clear Coated Finger nails or Pastel Shades, as per your preference.

There are many options available, all you have to be is Creative and rock that art!

Have you tried Nail art yet?

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