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Classy Men’s Short Hairstyles and a Few to Avoid

Men’s Short Hairstyles

Mens Short Hairstyles
Mens Short Hairstyles

While longer hair is in, there’s always room for the traditional men’s short hairstyles that look better every year.

Men’s short hairstyles are slightly on the wane at the moment, displaced by lean, long hair down to the collarbone. However, there are still some timeless, good-looking men’s hairstyles that will never go out of style. Regardless of the haircut, make sure the styling looks as natural and as accidental as possible. Then trend for both women’s and men’s hairstyles this season is a played-down, toned-down image that conveys, “I didn’t fuss over this one.” Even if you spend hours in front of the mirror trying to achieve the perfect hairdo, the final product should look like you spent less than 10 minutes on it.

Classy Men’s Short Hairstyles

Classy Mens Short Hairstyles
Classy Mens Short Hairstyles

Men’s look good at work and in most professional environments. Generally good all-around trims are the best. Hair should be trimmed short all over and not left too long on the top or very short or shaved on the sides, lest the man in question end up with the proverbial mushroom haircut.

The bangs can be checked with a side part or, if short, can be combed down for a modern Caesar look. If you’re thinking along George Clooney lines, that’s correct. Either of these men’s short hairstyles still works this season.

Additionally, the tousled bedhead look in mens short hairstyles is not yet passe, so don’t get rid of your hair gel or styling wax just yet. You can still highlight your hair for more of a surfer look, or try home sun-bleaching with lemon juice. However, darker hair and low-lights are currently king, so you may want to go down that path.

Men’s short hairstyles to avoid would include any Dennis Rod-man imitation, any attempt at combing over the billiard ball, and any haircut resembling an inverted mixing bowl unless you specifically want to wind up in a book like James Ines Smith and Henrietta Webb’s “Bad Hair.” If you want to sport a mohawk of any sort, do so at your own risk, as in the United Kingdom it was recently voted one of the worst hairstyles of all time.

How to avoid these monstrosities? Communication with your hairdresser prior to any hair cutting is key, and it really helps taking along a visual aid of any of the men’s short hairstyles you would like to see in your own mirror. If you don’t have a hairdresser you like, look at your friends, decide who has the best haircut and ask for a recommendation.

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