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Types of Makeup Foundation - Best Foundation Makeup

Types of Makeup Foundation

Types of Makeup Foundation
Types of Makeup Foundation

Using makeup foundation is the most crucial part of a flawless makeup. Foundations even out the skin tone and help to cover skin's minor or sometimes few major flaws when applied correctly. I am sure you all lovely ladies out there must have tried or bought a foundation at-least once in your life. But, do you know if the foundation you are using is right for your skin or serves it purpose?

Choosing a right makeup foundation is again very important as makeup foundation is available in many different formulas which can be again classified in various tints, shades and coverage.

Foundation that is right for your skin type would help to even out your skin tones and hides your blemishes and makes your skin look healthy. This article will help you to know your makeup foundation better and choose the right foundation which suits best to your skin type.

All makeup foundation lies within 3 main formulas: liquid foundation, cream foundation and powder foundation. The others are just variants of these 3 basic foundations. Here are some types of makeup foundation available in market:

Tinted moisturizer:  A tinted moisturizer is a combination of moisturizer and foundation. Tinted moisturizer works as an alternative to foundation and gives sheer, light weight coverage. They give natural look, so one can use them daily. Tinted moisturizer doesn’t feel heavy on skin, if feels like that you have applied moisturizer with a tint of color.

Skin type best suited: These foundations are good for those who have a normal and normal to dry skin.

Tinted face balm: Tinted face balm provides sheer coverage. Helps to hydrate the skin intensively and gives skin a dewy finish. Tinted balm helps to plumps the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Skin type best suited: For extra dry skin

Skin type best suited: For extra dry skin
Skin type best suited: For extra dry skin

Cake or Stick foundation: This foundation can be used as a substitute to concealer since provides easy spot coverage and hide the blemishes perfectly. These are the best foundation for photography, stage and drama, since they provide a heavier coverage for a long duration. They are available in solid forms. They tend to dry quickly and give matte finish

Skin type best suited: for all ski types except oily skin type

Liquid foundation: Liquid foundations are lightweight and blend beautifully with the skin. They are easy to apply and capture moisturizer easily. Liquid foundations help to hydrate the skin and provides medium to full coverage. They are mainly available in 2 formulas one is oil based formula and other is water based formulas for different skin needs. Those who have dry or wrinkled skin can use oil based foundation and for those having a normal skin can go for water based foundation.
You can apply liquid foundation with a makeup sponge. You can also use liquid foundation around eyes, since it covers dark circle pretty well. Use lip brush to apply foundation around eye.

Skin type most suited:

For dry skin: If you have dry skin then oil based liquid foundation is good for you. Oil based liquid foundation are greasy and thick, so they blends perfectly with dry or wrinkled skin and makes skin moist and supple.

For normal OR combination skin: Women who have normal skin should go for water based liquid foundation. Then provide light coverage then oil based liquid foundation.

For oily skin: women with oily skin should pick water based liquid foundation. Water based liquid foundation contain silicon oil that help to blend the foundation perfectly and also add shine to face.

Moisturizing Compact foundation: These foundations provide medium to full coverage. They also hydrate and moisturized skin well.

Skin type: For dry to extra dry skin

Whipped or Mousse foundation: This foundation is a liquid/ whipped cream foundation. They are easier to apply in thin layers than liquid makeup. Mousse foundation is liquid foundation with air whipped in, so they are lighter and smoother than liquid makeup. They normally come in can and sprays. They are more costly than other type of foundation. They provide medium to full coverage.

Skin type most suited:

Dry or ageing skin: they are best for dry skin because they smoothly blend into the skin and don’t look cakey.

Combination skin:  they are also good for combination skin since they help to hydrate the dry part of the skin and absorb oil in the T-zone.

Cream foundation: These foundations are thick and creamy. They contain oil and are best suited for normal, dry and extra dry skin. Since their texture is thick, so they give heavier coverage and moisturize skin well than any other foundation. These foundations helps to cover the blemishes and scars well leaving skin soft, smooth, even tone and blemish free. Cream foundation can also be used as a concealer because of its thick consistency and good coverage. They are available in stick, tube or compact forms.

Skin type most suited: they are best for normal to dry to extra dry skin since they are creamy and have moisturizing properties. Those who have oily skin should stay a away from cream foundation.
Oil free cream foundation: for normal to oily skin. Absorbs oil, providing medium to full coverage. A good choice to cover acne and large pores.

Mineral foundation: they are made from ground minerals extracted from the earth. They are natural and can be suitable for skin types. Mineral foundations are available in a form of loose powder. They can be applied in both wet and dry methods. Brush on minerals foundation a big, puffy brush, building up layers of nearly invisible powder. Since they are made of finely ground natural minerals from the earth they are safe for all skin types.

Skin type most suited: They are suitable for all skin type, but are best for oil and very oily skin. They are also good for sensitive skin.

Powder Foundation: they are in a form of loose powder and contain no moisture. They are easy to use and gives natural look. They are mainly available in two form, pressed powder form and loose powder form. Powder foundations are good for those who do not usually apply makeup Foundation. They are also used to fix makeup.

Pressed powder form: They are available in compact forms and are good for touch ups to the applied foundation. They are best suited for oily skin. Pressed powder foundations are available in various shades. They can be applied by using dry or a damp sponge. They provides medium coverage.

Skin type most suited: It is suitable for all skin types, but are most suitable for oily skin.
Loose powder foundation: Loose powder foundations are used for fixing the makeup. They gives nice finish to makeup and can be applied by using applicator brush. Just dip the applicator brush into the powder and gently buff onto the skin.

Skin type most suited: Loose powder foundations are most suited for oily skin.

Waterproof Foundation: Waterproof foundations are good to use in hot and humid weather. You can apply waterproof foundation in rainy season also since they don’t come off easily and quickly.. They rescue both hot and damp weathers. They are water resistant and are available in both liquid and cream forms. They give nice and radiant finish to skin throughout the day.

Skin type most suited: They can be used by all skin type. Oily skin women should use oil free liquid ones whereas dry skin women should go for a cream one.

Spray foundation: when makeup starts fading after long hours spray foundation helps to refreshes the makeup. They are easy to apply. Spray foundation are available in many shades.

Skin type most suited: Spray foundation is most suitable for sensitive skin

Cream to powder foundation: they are available in compact forms which resemble to powder. They are made by companies of good reputation like L’Oreal. They go on skin as a liquid foundation, but dries quickly to a powdery finish. It helps to minimize the oil on face provides flawless finish and last all day long. They are easy to apply and you don’t have to apply powder for full coverage.

Skin type most suited: They are most suitable for combination to normal skin.

Know you know almost all types of makeup foundations available in the market and their usage and suitable skin types. So next time when you plan to buy a new foundation this information will surely gonna add some help in choosing a right foundation for you!

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