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How to Apply Makeup for Beginners

Makeup for Beginners

Makeup for Beginners
Makeup for Beginners

Makeup is a woman’s powerful weapon, she can adapt into various moods through it. Makeup for Beginners can make you feel good, happy and pleased. For many Women around the world, Make up boost confidence and makes them feel good. Not that it is not true, Makeup does boost up your confidence by making you feel that you are presentable and stand out. Makeup for Beginners is like unique a personality and adapts according to one’s preference.

So if you haven’t started using Makeup, it’s the right time to get ahead. We are guiding you about Makeup, Techniques and its uses. For all the beginners you are, take out a paper and jot down what all you will need. Here are some Makeup tips for beginners.

Makeup for Beginners: Make up Base

Makeup Base
Makeup Base

Makeup Base also known as Foundation is available in various forms. Mousse, Liquid, Compact Powder, Loose Powder, Gel and Creme.

One should choose Make up base according to one’s Skin type and Weather.

  • Dry Skin: Liquid and Crème Base.
  • Oily Skin: Liquid, Powder and Gel
  • Normal Skin: Liquid, Gel, Crème, Powder and Mousse.

Women with Normal skin are lucky enough to use all types of texture. Dry skinned women, If opts for Liquid Base should prepare your skin using Rich or Hydrating Moisturizer and blotting excess Moisturizer with a tissue after 10 minutes. One can also opt for Tinted Moisturizer, which also moisturizes while forming a base on skin for Makeup.

Technique: Blending. The more you blend Foundation on your skin, the more natural it looks.

Makeup for Beginners: Blusher


Blusher adds a Natural flush or warmth to your face. Gel, Liquid, Powder, Cream and Mousse.
One should pay heed to the type of skin for every texture. It may look unnatural and made up if used wrong texture.

  • Dry Skin: Mousse, Powder and Cream
  • Oily: Liquid, Gel and Powder
  • Normal: Gel, Liquid, Powder, Cream and Mousse.
  • The colors should be blended and Powder blusher should be applied using Blusher brush. Mousse, Gel , Cream and Liquid can be blended using finger tips. 

Technique: Blending from the apples of your cheeks towards Ears.

Makeup for Beginners: Bronzer

Makeup for Beginners: Bronzer

Makeup for Beginners: Bronzer

  • Bronzer is optional, and is used to contour Face, Cheeks and Jaws. Bronzing helps Chubby Cheeks look slim and flat nose straight and makes Jaw line stand out.
  • Bronzers are available in Powder form and Mousse, but Powder form is appreciated and used widely. Matte and Shimmery Bronzers, Shimmery bronzers is used to add warmth to face while countering and Matte Bronzers helps counter face, looks matte and good for Day wear.

Technique: Blending with a Fan Brush or Medium/Small Blusher Brush.

Makeup for Beginners: Lipstick

Lipstick is most popular Makeup among all age groups. Lipstick is also available in Liquid form. Here are some tips for using lipsticks.

  • Liquid form based on Oil/wax or Water. Lip gloss is liquid lipsticks with wax or oil based while Lip stains are water based.
  • Lipsticks shades should be chosen according t ones Skin tone.
  • Pinks, Apricots and Peach hues for Fair skin
  • Peachy Pink, Browns and Reds for Medium Skin
  • Burgundy, Maroons and Deep Reds for Dark Skin
  • The Deeper the skin color, the deeper the Lipstick color should be.
  • It is advisable to apply Lip balm prior to the application of Lipstick or gloss to prevent drying and chapping of Lips.

Technique: Outlining and Filling in with Lipstick or Brush.

Makeup for Beginners: Eye Shadows and Eyeliners

  • Eye shadows add depth to the eyes while Eyeliners define them.
  • Eyeliners are available in Pencil, Liquid and Gel form. Liquid liners are most popular and Pencil eyeliners are user friendly.
  • Eyeliners define eyes and one can define eyes as desired like Wing it out or Cat eye liner or simply keep it touched to the upper eyelid for natural definition.
  • Sparkle or Shimmer Eyeliners are also available for Glamorous Funky eyes, one can choose for Parties and evening makeup.
  • For Brown eyes: One can go with various hues of Violet, Green and Browns. Brown gives a neutral look while Green makes brown eyes stand out.
  • For Black eyes: Blues, Purples and Brown with deep tones will look best and make eyes stand out.
  • Do check the Color Wheel below. It is best to use different hues or the undertone that of your Eye color.

Technique: Application for Eyeliner and Blending for Eyeshadow.

Makeup as we all know is no easy task, its only easy after we understand out skin, needs and preferences properly. Practice makes a woman perfect, so practice applying and blending Eyeliner and Eye shadows. Hope this post threw enough light on the Makeup essentials, techniques and colors.

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