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Long Hairstyles for Men - Stately Long Hairstyles for Men

Long Hairstyles for Men

Long Hairstyles for Men
Long Hairstyles for Men

As our society is easing up on the restrictions that have been placed on what is “appropriate” as hairstyles for men, you are given more options regarding what sort of style will suit you the best. These options include long hairstyles for men. Currently, long hairstyles on men are just as attractive and fashionable as it is on women. In fact, these longer hairstyles have become more noticeable and sought after over the years. They are also considered to be quite seductive.

Now that it’s been shown that long hair can look just as nice on men as it can on women, it is not uncommon to see many men sporting longer hairstyles. The definition of long hair on men and women is a bit different, however. What is considered to be long hair on a man, which is usually below the ear or collar, is said to be only medium length on a woman. Many men do choose to wear their hair well past their shoulders, too. Admittedly, there are not as many long hairstyles for men as there are for women, but there are still several to choose from.

Many men put their hair back in a simple ponytail. This is easy to take care of and easy to style in only a short amount of time. A single braid is another form of the ponytail technique. It‘s easier to contain and control than a ponytail, and looks very attractive.

Long Hairstyles for Men an Men's Fashion

Dreadlocks are definitely a fashion statement when it’s used to style long hair, especially if it’s curly or thick. Many African-American men choose to wear their long hair in a natural afro style. If your hair is long and beautiful, falling just below your shoulders, there may be no need to style it. Just wear it loose. An older hairstyle for men with long hair is called a mullet. It basically has short hairstyles in the front and top of the head, with longer hair in the back. This is sometimes pulled into a ponytail.

The choice of whether, or not, to have a long hairstyle is made from personal preference, practicality, and even for cultural or heritage reasons. For example, men with careers that demand certain dress codes and grooming policies may opt to keep a short haircuts. Other men who may choose to do this are ones who are actively involved in sports that make short hair easier to maintain. Men who want to wear their hair long tend to belong to New Age groups, and other lifestyles that allow for natural and care-free self-expression. Native American men may choose to honor their ancestry by wearing their beautiful straight black hair long, just like their forefathers did.

Men must know the best way to take care of their hair when they decide to leave it in a long hairstyle. Just like women, men’s hair is subject to getting split ends that need at least a little management to keep an attractive style. That’s why you need to make sure it gets trimmed regularly. Hair gel or spray is often needed to take care of some stray strands of hair, but these should only be applied to the roots, as it can weigh hair down if applied all over.

Men need to be aware of the additional difficulties that long hair can present, especially when it comes to caring for the longer hairstyle. Long hairstyles on men, especially, need more attention than shorter ones because flaws will show themselves for a longer period of time than when being cut short constantly. Your long hair should have the ends trimmed regularly, usually about every 6 to 8 weeks. This is needed to re-shape the style and take away split ends. Use a good conditioner daily to moisturize your hair and de-tangle it. Don’t put your hair in tight styles such as braids or ponytails on a constant basis. Doing this can facilitate the risk of hair loss.

Whatever the reason that men choose to wear long hairstyles, it should always be something that matches their personalities. Remember to choose a hairstyle that will be flattering to your facial features. Just because something is in style doesn’t always mean that it will look well on you. However, if you happen to be a man with amazing hair that is eye catching when worn long, by all means, go for it!

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