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How to Find a Perfect Shade of Makeup Foundation

Makeup Foundation

Makeup Foundation
Makeup Foundation

Choosing a makeup foundation is simple, but to find a perfect shade of foundation which smoothly blends into your skin and give a flawless look is always tricky and is the most important thing when buying right makeup products for your skin.

Makeup is an art and for a flawless look everything should be perfect. Be it choosing right shade of products, right quantity or skillful application techniques; everything plays an important role. Here are some important tips to find the perfect shade of makeup foundation for a flawless look.

Perfect Shade of Makeup Foundation

- Before you jump on to choose a right shade of makeup foundation, first determine the formula or type of makeup foundation according to your skin needs (this includes – skin type, exposure to sun etc... etc...). Then choose the shade of foundation.

- The right shade is which disappear after application.

- Everyone has yellow undertones in their skin. So go for a yellow based foundation.

- Pink based foundation looks white painted, so avoid them.

- Test several shade of foundation on the face until you find a one which get completely disappear after application.

- Always test foundation in natural light. Stand in front of direct natural light and swatch a foundation, the foundation which disappear in to the skin is the right shade.

- If your skin gets darker in the summer then keep a deeper shade of foundation with you and then blend it with your regular foundation to get the right shade of foundation.

So use these simple tricks to choose the perfect shade of foundation according to your skin type and go flawless.

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