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How to de-tan skin at home | Homemade Remedies to de-tan skin

How To De-tan Skin: Amazing Home Remedies

How To De-tan Skin
How To De-tan Skin

Summer is all about enjoying on the beach, playing outside and eating mangoes. Summer brings lots of fun and maundering with friends. If all your outdoor fun left you with pale, greasy and tanned skin, then after enjoying in sunny rays pamper yourself with these home remedies to de-tan skin and get back your glow.

This homemade pack may do wonders to your dull and tanned skin and can be easily made at home by using ingredients available in your kitchen. So next time you don’t have to worry about getting tans or dull skin while enjoying outdoor fun.

Homemade face pack to de-tan skin

You will need following ingredients

  • 5 teaspoon of Gram Flour (Besan) or Wheat Flour or Oat Flour helps to clean the skin
  • ½ Tomato juice it contains Lycopene which help to remove tan
  • ½ Cucumber juices it also helps in detaining the skin
  • 2 teaspoon curd or fresh milk cream
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice it helps to lighten the skin

Mix all the ingredients well and then apply the pack on the neck and face. Leave the face pack for some time and when it begins to dry then gently rub it with your fingers and then washed off with un-boiled milk or with water. This pack surely helps you to get rid of tanned skin and lighten your skin complexion. It helps to make the skin soft and adds natural glow to your skin.

Some other home remedies to deal with tanned and dull looking skin:

You can rub potato peel or mashed potato on tanned skin, since it contains Vitamin C which helps to lighten a tan as well as eliminate blemishes and gives cooling effect to the skin.

Mash the tomato and apply the pulp for 30 minutes on tanned skin or face, it works great in de-tanning the skin. Tomato contains Lycopene which is known for its de-tanning and anti ageing properties.

Chop cabbage leaves and boil it lightly. Mash the leaves and apply it in on the entire face and neck. Cabbage is extremely effective in treating a sun tans.

Take 2 teaspoon of curd and one teaspoon of lemon juice and apply this for 20 min. This helps to lighten the skin tan, lemon juice and curd also helps to relieve from irritation caused by sun tans.

Mash cucumber and apply it for 15- 20 min, then wash face with cold water. Cucumber is very good for tanned and dull skin; it also gives a refreshing feel.

You can also apply papaya skin and pulp on the skin or avocado, it will gives instant relief to dehydrated and dull skin and makes it more nourishing and glowing.

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