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How to Apply Liquid Foundation for the Flawless Look

Apply Liquid Foundation for the Flawless Look

How to Apply Liquid Foundation
How to Apply Liquid Foundation

Liquid Foundation is the trickiest to apply, which in fact has a key word: Blending. Even the basic application with Brush, Sponge and fingers can be tricky and a single blow and all your efforts may go down the drain. Here is a step by step tutorial on applying makeup Foundation for the flawless finish. You need right tools and Foundation that matches your skin tone, choose Foundation with Full coverage. You can sheer it down with your skin needs and texture.

How to apply Liquid Foundation Apply with a Brush

How to apply Liquid Foundation Apply with a Brush
How to apply Liquid Foundation Apply with a Brush

You will need:

  • Full coverage Foundation
  • Stippling brush

Steps to apply Liquid Foundation:

  • Prepare your Face with your regular regime of Moisturizing or Applying Sunblock. Let the both sink in your skin for next 5-8 minutes. After some time, blot the excess product or residue with a tissue or blotting paper.
  • Pour or Pump out a little coin sized Foundation on the back of your palm. With a dense, flat top stippling brush dipped with the Foundation from the back of your palm. Dot your nose, cheeks and the corners of the face and chin.
  • And lastly with the foundation left on the brush, dot on the upper part of the lips, avoid smile area or it will look patchy.
  • Conceal your Eyes with a concealer, if you use foundation then dot the upper eye lid and lower lid, especially paying more heed to the inner corner of the eyes where the dark circles are more prominent. With a ring finger spread it across the eyelids and with a soft brush, stipple it to blend and get rid of excess.
  • With the remaining product left on your hand, take some on your brush and dot over your Forehead and the hair line, most of them ignore Hairline where you can catch hold of makeup imperfections, also the jaw line if looked clearly will see s difference in skin tone. So it is safe to pay more importance to such borders and corner of the face too.
  • Take the remaining product from your hand and dot on the jaws, Stipple the product upwards and then downwards to create a finished texture to the skin.
  • Now stipple all over your Face except the problematic areas, especially smile area where the chances of creasing are more.
  • Now buff i.e. Make circular movements on the Face with the same brush so that minor flaws or imperfections get unseen.
  • ipple the smile area after buffing the face. Let your foundation set for 3-5 minutes, take a tissue and blot all over your face, avoiding the nose area if you have large pores. Blot the eye area to take off excess foundation and also the inner corners of the eyes. Buff the smile area again if you think the foundation has settled into the laugh lines. Buff till it is sinked in and looks even.
  • Apply Translucent Powder or Loose powder with a puff, lightly dab on the Face and blot. This will set the Foundation even better.
  • If you want a sheer coverage, damp your Brush and also reduce the quantity of Foundation. Dampening your brush makes the Foundation easy and liquid like to be absorbed.
  • You can create this Flawless look with your Regular Foundation or even with Mineral Liquid Foundation, just make sure it matches exactly to your skin tone, Not a shade Darker or Lighter.
  • You can mix two to three colors to make your custom colored Foundation.

 How to apply Liquid Foundation with fingers

How to apply Liquid Foundation with fingers
Apply Liquid Foundation with fingers

  • If you use Foundation daily and have no time to go through this process, simply mix a teaspoon of Moisturizer with a 4-5 drops of Foundation depending on the coverage you are looking for.
  • You can blend this into your skin with finger and then follow the same steps using Powder Foundation or Translucent Powder.
  • If you are using Powder Foundation, keep your Tint in your moisturizer light, very light.
  • Or simply follow up the Powder with Stippling and Buffing technique with Foundation Powder. This creates a Mineral makeup finish even with Non-mineral Foundations.
This creates the flawless complexion and does not look cakey or made up.

Do you use any specific technique to apply Foundation; did you try Stippling and Buffing technique?
Do leave your feedback if you try this out.

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