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How to Apply Eyeliner - Tips for Putting on Eyeliner Correctly

How to apply Eyeliner

How to apply Eyeliner
How to apply Eyeliner

Apply Eyeliner is one of the most important steps of a complete makeup and gives ultimate definition to the eyes. Eyeliner helps to give shape to eyes, make them look larger and appealing. If applied correctly, in no time and without much efforts eyeliner can give dramatic and bold look to your eyes.

Applying eyeliner is not a rocket science and one can easily learn the correct way to apply eyeliner and achieve the desired look without much efforts. It only requites to learn and understand few basic things about selecting a right eyeliner and eyeliner application. Once you know that you can achieve various look. This article will help you to know the basics of how to apply different eyeliner formulas and some dos and don'ts for applying eyeliner.

How to apply eyeliner? For Beginners

How to apply eyeliner For Beginners
How to apply eyeliner For Beginners

Eyeliner should be applied in such a way that its application must be visible when eyes are open. Eye liner can be applied on top and bottom lash line. But always apply thicker line on top lash line than the bottom. Applying neat eyeliner is easy; you just have to know the trick to use different eyeliner formulas.

Choose the eyeliner formula according to look you want to achieve:

Choose the eyeliner formula according to look you want to achieve
Choose the eyeliner formula

  • Pencil eyeliner: Pencil eyeliner is easy to apply, but may smudge. They give soft definition to eyes. But set them with either same color eye shadow or face powder otherwise they get smudged easily.

  • Liquid, cake and gel liners:  They are difficult to apply, but once with practice you know how to apply them you can achieve incredible and dramatic look. So you want to give more precise, more dramatic look then go for these eyeliners.

  • Shadow eyeliners- They are easy to apply and can be long lasting. Apply them with a thin, stiff brush they give good results.

  • Choose eyeliner according to your eye color: If you have light eye color then go for Browns, gilded bronzes, and plums color eyeliner. If you have dark eye colors then go for black base color eyeliner. Silvers and charcoals look best on green and blue eye. Rich red browns for green eyes and gold’s for blue eyes.

Before applying eyeliner make sure these few things:

  • If you are using pencil eyeliner, then sharpen it properly. Warm and soften the tip of eyeliner before applying it for a smooth and easy application
  • If you are using liquid eyeliner then check for clumps before applying it.
  • Use clean brush to apply eyeliner.
  • If you are using powder eyeliner, then apply small amount of water to your brush.

How to apply eyeliner of different formulas:

How to apply gel, liquid & cake eyeliner: These formulas are long lasting. Always line the whole lid across, with a thicker line at the outer corner, gradually thinning the line toward the inner corner.

  • Begin from the middle of lash line and move to the outside corner of the eye. Gently lift the lid to get close to the eye.
  • Apply the eyeliner in small smooth strokes.
  • Draw a line across the upper lid on the lash line as close to your lashes as possible while still on the lid. This creates the desired illusion of having thicker lashes.
  • Next apply the liner all the way to the inner corner of eye.
  • Then apply the eyeliner on lower lids .Trace a line close to your lower lid and move from the outside edge inward. Your line should be slightly thicker at the outside corner, becoming thinner as it moves in toward your nose.

How to apply Pencil eyeliner:

  • Draw the pencil across the lash line and blends gently with a clean finger or brush.
  • Using short feathery strokes can result in a more natural effect.
  • To soften, smudge the line using your finger or a brush.
  • To give a pencil line staying power, use a liner brush to sweep a layer of face powder.

Some special tips to apply eyeliner:

How to give more intense look to eyes: You can give more intense look to eyes by double lining. Use a dark shadow with a dry eyeliner brush, and then repeat with a liquid liner or wet brush using a slightly thinner line. The graduation in depth from the ash line will give a dense look to the lashes.

If you have dark circle then don’t use eyeliner on lower lash line. Only use mascara on the lower lashes.

Dos and don’ts of applying eyeliner:

  • Do not leave space between lash line and eyeliner. If after application, there is a small space then fill it with same shade of powdered eye shadow.
  • Apply eyeliner after you have applied eye shadow.
  • Apply eyeliner before applying mascara.
  • More natural look put eyeliner on the inside edge of your eye.
  • If you are using liquid eyeliner, then first sketch the line with help of eyeliner pencil first, then draw the line in liquid eyeliner.
  • Soft pencil eyeliner and thicker liquid eyeliner create more modern looks and are easier to apply.
  • Powder eyeliner applied with a thin dry brush brightens and widens the eye like pencil eyeliner, But gives natural look. Dark powder eyeliner applied with a wet brush can give the effect of liquid eyeliner and is much easier to apply.
  • To sharpen the pencil eyeliner easily, store it in the refrigerator or freezer. This will harden the pencil eyeliner, which will make it easier for sharpening and also it do not break often.
  • Wash eyeliner brushes regularly with makeup remover or a mild gel shampoo.
  • If you have dry skin, you will have a smudging problem, so apply little eye serum before applying eyeliner.
  • Put the eyeliner directly onto your lash line, not above or below it.
  • If you have watery eyes then use hypoallergenic eyeliner.
  • Apply eyeliner in small strokes, as this gives you more control and creates a cleaner line.
  • Use eyeliner that won’t rub off or wear away though the day.
  • Don’t line just the bottom of the eye.
  • Don’t line all the way across the lids. You can line just the top and not the bottom, but don’t line either lid halfway. Lining from the inner corner to the outer corner will help open up the eye.
  • Apply liner as close as possible to the lash line, making sure there is n o gap. This has the added benefit of making the lashes look fuller and lush.
  • Apply eyeliner thinnest at the inner corner of the eye, and thicken it as you move outward. This enhances the shape of eye and gives the eyes a lift.
  • The top and bottom lines of liner meet at the inside and outside corners to make the yes appear larger. 
  • Not connecting the lines makes the eyelids too round and small.
  • If you have wrinkled eyelids, then use soft pencil eyeliner. Draw the line as close to the lashes as possible. Then smudge upwards, creating the effect of the darker area near the hairs and lighter as it goes upward.
  • Use soft, thin, stiff and flat brush to apply eyeliner.

Hope this article will help to learn some basic information on choosing a right eyeliner for your eyes and applying the eyeliner. Do share your tips and tricks with us.

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