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How to apply bronzer to sculpt your Face

Apply Bronzer to Sculpt your Face

How to apply bronzer to sculpt your Face
How to apply bronzer to sculpt your Face

Makeup surely is not just about adding colors to eyes, lips and cheeks, it is more. An appropriate make-up application can add a different angle to one’s already beautiful face. Blushes surely have application techniques according to one’s face and cheek shape. But sculpting is one different thing altogether. With sculpting you can hide your flaws and highlight and accentuate your best features.
Bronzers and Highlighter are used to hide and put forth one’s bad and best features. These are available in Powder, Mouse and even gel form, but Powder Bronzers and Highlighters are highly appreciated and preferred by women all around the world. People with light skin tones use bronzers to get the Sun-kissed look while Duskier and Brown skin toned people use them to highlight and add warmth to their best feature or attraction.

Bronzer is of two types: Matte Bronzers and Shimmery Bronzers.

Highlighter is Shimmery in nature and is used to highlighting areas like Cheek bones, Nose Bridge and Eyebrow curve.

Bronzer play an important role in sculpting face, one can completely change one’s look by sculpting.
You can make chubby cheeks look less chubby, flat nose less wide and Double chin disappeared.
While at the same time you can highlight cheek bones to create an illusion of balanced cheeks, highlight the bridge of the nose to create an illusion of being straight and highlight jaws to create an illusion of broad jaws that hide chin flaws.

How to apply bronzer to sculpt you Face:

This is three step processes to apply bronzer; it will make your cheeks look balanced and create an illusion of flat cheeks.

You need:

  • Matte Bronzer and Fan brush.
  • Pump in your cheeks as you make apple with your lips.
  • Swirl Fan brush on Bronzer and dust off excess on a tissue, from the Temples of your forehead go down to your corner of deep cheeks. Let it form ‘C’ shape from the Forehead Temples to your cheeks.
  • Blend in nicely and outwards. Blot with Translucent powder if you find it in excess.

This will make your cheek stand out; if you have fuller cheeks it will make it look less fatty.

How to apply bronzer to sculpt you thin Face:

If you are Skinny, You need Highlighter to accentuate your already thin cheeks and create an illusion of fuller cheeks.

You need:

  • Highlighter and Medium Blush Brush.
  • Smile widely and notice the boat shape across the cheeks under eyes. You have to accentuate that part to create an illusion of fuller cheeks.
  • Sweep some blusher in ‘U’ shape from the midst of Nose Bridge to the outward direction. It should form and wide ‘U’ shape.
  • Blend with the help of the brush nicely.

This will help male your cheeks fuller by attracting to the highlighted area.

How to apply bronzer to sculpt your nose:

Everybody desire Straight as Triangle Nose, and it is not hard to create an illusion.
  • You will need: Matte Bronzer and Highlighter.
  • Sweep straight line with help of a Matte Bronzer on the either sides of the nose.
  • Blend the straight lines with the help of Brush.
  • Now, Sweep off the Highlighter on the bridge of the nose, straight yet again.
  • This will create a Triangle with two sides in Matte and the above side of a triangle in highlight.
  • This will make you nose look proper and less wide with sculpting using Matte Bronzer while the nose bridge is only highlighted to make it look more straight.

Do you use Bronzer for Face sculpting?

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