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Homemade Hair Conditioner Recipes

Homemade Hair Conditioner

Homemade Hair Conditioner
Homemade Hair Conditioner

You might have seen your mother or granny using oils as a natural Homemade Hair Conditioner for hair. But with growing pollution and unhealthy lifestyle our hair loss its natural shine and luster. Thus, to make hair look more beautiful without much hassle, cosmetic companies invented hair conditioners which help to coat the hair cuticles and make them look shiny and healthy. But these conditioners contain harmful chemicals and are expensive, also regular usage of conditioners containing harmful chemicals might cause damage to your hair as well.

So, what’s the option? Well, there are many ways to get the same result without chemicals in much lesser cost using homemade conditioner.

Hair conditioner helps to condition deeply to make them look nourished shiny, bouncy and healthier. They help to detangle the hair and also improve the texture and appearance of hair. Homemade conditioners are easy to make using available ingredients in your kitchen itself. There are two types of homemade conditioner one you can use before shampooing and another after shampooing. Here are few recipes to prepare your own homemade conditioner to get beautiful and shinier hair.

Homemade Hair Conditioners to be used before shampooing:

The following recipes are to be applied before shampooing. Comb your hair properly and massage these homemade conditioners on your hair and then left on for 30-40 minutes. It will be good if you cover your hair with plastic bag to retain heat for better results.

Homemade Hair Conditioner using Egg and Honey:

- 2 teaspoon honey
- 2 teaspoon sesame oil or olive oil
- 1 egg

Mix the honey and oil in a double boiler. When blended, beat the egg and slowly stir it until even consistency is not achieved. Apply the conditioner on combed hair and wait for 30-40 minutes then wash your hair with regular shampoo. This conditioner helps to conditioner your hair deeply and gives glossy effect to your hair.

Olive Oil Hair Conditioner:

- 4 teaspoon olive oil
- 1 cup honey

Mix both the ingredients well and then leave it to steep for 2 days. And then use it as hair conditioner. Just apply it before shampooing and leave it for 30 minutes then wash your hair. This conditioner gives you dark and lustrous hair.

Homemade Hair Conditioner using Cocoa butter:

- 2 tablespoon cocoa butter
- 2 tablespoon sunflower oil

Mix both the ingredients well and apply it to hair and then wash after 30 minutes. You can also use Shea butter instead of cocoa butter.

Hair Conditioner using Egg and Glycerin:

- 1 tablespoon olive oil or coconut oil
- 2 eggs
- 2 teaspoon glycerin
- 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

Beat the eggs properly; add oil, glycerin and vinegar in to it. Apply it for 30-40 minutes and then wash hair thoroughly. This protein conditioner helps to improve the texture of hair and make them look beautiful.

Avocado and Mayonnaise conditioner:

- ½ avocado
- 1 cup mayonnaise

Mix both the ingredients well. Apply on hair and cover with a plastic cap. Leave it for 40 minutes then rinse off your hair.

 Beeswax and Almond Oil  Conditioner:

- 2 tablespoon beeswax
- 2 cup honey
- 4 tablespoon almond oil
- 4 tablespoon lavender oil

Melt the honey, wax and oils in a double boiler. Store it in a bottle and then use adequate amount of the solution and apply it on hair for 20 minutes and then wash your hair.

 Hair Conditioner using Fenugreek and Curd:

- 2 tablespoon fenugreek seed
- 1 cup curd

Soak fenugreek seed overnight and then next morning mix both the ingredients in a mixture well and then apply it for 30 minutes after that wash your hair with regular shampoo. This conditioner helps to detangle your hair and make them more manageable.

Homemade Hair Conditioners to be used after Shampooing:

 Apple cider vinegar conditioner:

- 2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
- 1 mug of water

Add apple cider vinegar in a mug of water. Use this solution as final rinse after shampoo. This conditioner makes your shiny

Banana homeamade conditioner:

- 1 banana
- 3 tablespoon honey

Mix both the ingredients well and apply it to your damp hair and then wait for 10 minutes and wash it off. This conditioner helps to moisturize dry hair.

Homemade Hair Conditioner using Green Tea:

- 2 teaspoon green tea leaves
- 2 cup water

Boil water and then add green tea leaves in to it and then let it cool. Use it as an after wash rinse. It makes hair shiny and manageable.

Lemon hair conditioner:

- 1 lemon
- 1 mug of water

Squeezed 1 lemon in to mug of water and use it as a final rinse.

Benefits of using homemade hair conditioner over conditioner available in market:

- They are less expensive.
- They can be made from ingredients available in kitchen itself.
- They do not contain chemicals or other harmful agents.
- They are easy to made and give very good results.
- Conditioner help to replace the nutrients and natural oils in your hair that shampoo takes away. Conditioner makes your look shiner and smooth, and stops it from drying out.
- Remember to wash hair thoroughly otherwise it might look greasy.

There are many type of conditioner available in market and you should buy a conditioner according to your hair needs.

Here are few tips:

Moisturizing conditioner: These conditioner acts as humectants and they hydrate your hair to keep them soft and smooth.

Acidifiers: They help to strengthening the hair and seal the cuticle.

Detanglers: They smooth the cuticle and help to detangle the hair easily.

Glossers: They help to make hair shine but are mainly chemical based

Reconstructing agents: They help to repair the damaged and dry hair.

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